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Why can eating late habits trigger diabetes?

Everyday busyness often makes a person prefer to delay eating. In fact, when you are more concerned with completing activities than eating, this can have a negative impact on the body, one of which is increasing the risk of diabetes.

Why can eating late habits trigger diabetes?

Late Eating and Increased Risk of Diabetes

A study published in the journal Diabetic Medicine revealed, there is a close relationship between the condition of obesity experienced by people with type 2 diabetes with unhealthy living habits. One of these habits is eating late, including in the morning or at other times.

In addition, eating late can also cause blood sugar disorders. As is known, uncontrolled blood sugar is one of the main causes of diabetes. How did this happen?

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When you eat late, the body’s biological clock that controls various systems and tissues also changes. As a result, the body’s metabolic system, including energy metabolism, also changes. This condition has a negative impact on how the body responds to insulin.

Please note, insulin is a type of hormone produced by the pancreas which is intended to help cells take in and utilize blood sugar as a source of energy.

Unfortunately, due to changes in the biological clock, the pancreas is overwhelmed in producing insulin and eventually triggers hyperglycemia, a condition in which blood sugar levels exceed normal limits. This is the reason why eating late can trigger diabetes.

Other Health Problems Due to Irregular Eating Patterns

Besides being able to trigger diabetes, the habit of eating late can also cause various health problems, including:

1. The body is easily tired

Most of the supply of energy and nutrients comes from food. If you eat late, the body does not have enough energy to carry out its functions. Moreover, the body’s metabolism will run longer. This condition, makes the body will save calories. This over time can make the body tired quickly.

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2. Increases the Risk of Gastric Ulcers

Late eating is closely related to digestive system disorders, including stomach ulcers. Late eating habits can make the stomach wall hurt and experience irritation.

3. Lowering the Body’s Immunity

In the long term, irregular eating habits can make the immune system decrease and make the body more susceptible to disease.

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