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Various Food Restrictions for Diabetics

When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, lifestyle changes are important. especially in terms of diet. Therefore, knowing what are the dietary restrictions for diabetes is a must so that blood sugar levels do not rise.

Various Food Restrictions for Diabetics

Foods that should not be consumed by diabetics

Diabetes is a disease caused by high blood sugar levels. For diabetics, food intake that enters the body is very influential. The following is a list of foods that diabetics should avoid, including:

1. Sweet Food

Sweet foods such as candy, ice cream, biscuits, cakes and packaged foods contain a lot of sugar. These foods are usually made from various types of sugar (granulated sugar, brown sugar, honey, corn syrup, or fructose syrup).

However, it is possible that packaged sweet foods contain artificial sweeteners which can reduce insulin resistance.

Besides being high in sugar, sweet foods are generally also high in calories so they can cause weight gain. This is certainly not good for diabetics.

2. Cereal Packaging

Consuming cereal is one thing that doctors do not recommend if you have diabetes. Despite the nutritional value offered, most cereals contain more carbohydrates. In addition, the protein content in cereals is so little that it is not optimal enough to maintain hunger and blood sugar levels.

To keep blood sugar and hunger under control, as an alternative you can choose a low-carbohydrate, low-sugar protein-based breakfast menu.

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3. White Rice

White rice contains glucose which can trigger a rapid rise in blood sugar. Therefore, doctors generally advise diabetics to eat a little white rice and replace it with brown rice or other sources of carbohydrates.

Even though it’s a taboo food for diabetes, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat white rice at all. You can still consume it in smaller portions.

4. White Bread and Processed Flour

Apart from white rice, white bread and other processed flour should also be avoided by diabetics. A regular white loaf of bread generally contains about 30 grams of carbohydrates. This means the same as you eat 7 teaspoons of sugar or even more.

In addition, processed flour foods such as noodles and pasta have a higher glycemic index (GI) than other carbohydrate sources.

5. Dried Fruit

Fruit is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the health of the body. However, if it is dried it can cause loss of water content in the fruit itself. The drying process makes the sugar content in dried fruit higher than that of fresh fruit.

6. Light Snacks

Though practical, Light snacks are not ideal foods for diabetics. This is because this type of food is high in calories, sugar, refined flour, and high in preservatives.

The ingredients contained in it can inhibit the work of insulin in the body and increase blood sugar levels.

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7. Foods Containing Trans Fats

The next food taboo for diabetes is fatty or high-trans fat foods. Several types of foods that are commonly fried such as burgers, french fries, and chips are rich in trans fats. The combination of carbohydrates and cooking oil can trigger an increase in blood sugar levels.

Trans fats are also mostly found in margarine, jam and preserved foods. Although it does not immediately raise blood sugar, trans fats are still at risk metabolic syndrome.

Now,, those are some types of food that diabetics should abstain from eating. Even though not everything is strictly prohibited, it’s still good to consume it in moderation.

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