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Using Insulin Pills to Treat Diabetes, Is it Effective?

Insulin pills or often also called insulin leaf pills is one method of treatment that is believed to improve the health of people with diabetes (diabetes). Is it true that these herbal medicines provide benefits? Check out the full explanation below

Using Insulin Pills to Treat Diabetes, Is it Effective?

Potential Benefits of Insulin Pills for Diabetics

For people with diabetes, sometimes maintaining a diet and doing regular exercise is not necessarily enough. For this reason, diabetics need to inject insulin to control their blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, if you are afraid of needles, there is an alternative treatment that you can try, namely insulin pills.

Insulin pills known as cholestosome is believed to prevent diabetics from using insulin injections.

In manufacturing these pills, the main problem encountered was keeping the insulin intact. To protect the insulin that enters the mouth, researchers have coated it with a polymer coating (insulin shield).

Cholestosome pills are neutral, lipid-based particles made using a sophisticated technology called a vesicle which is capable of carrying the molecule intact throughout the body.

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In addition, the researchers also use simple lipids to make drug molecules that are strung together into balls. Then it forms neutral particles that are resistant to stomach acid conditions.

So, when the pill enters and reaches the intestine, the body can recognize it as something that can be absorbed. When it passes through the intestines into the bloodstream, cells break it down, releasing insulin.

In laboratory studies, researchers have delivered multiple insulin molecules into cells and tested them on mice. The results show that certain cholestosome formulations are highly effective.

Although some studies show a positive effect, nHowever, the use of this drug needs to be careful because of the possibility of experiencing drug interactions. Therefore, you need to consult with your doctor about all the drugs you are taking.

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Also, don’t forget to exercise And meal planning so that the pills you take can work better.

So, are insulin pills suitable for all types of diabetes? Treatment using pills can only be done in people with type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, in people with type 1 diabetes, the treatment that can be done is using injectable insulin.

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