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Urine Therapy for Facial Skin Health, Is It Really Beneficial?

Urine therapy is said to be able to help nourish facial skin and treat skin problems such as acne. However, is urine effective for maintaining healthy skin? Check out the following explanation.

Urine Therapy for Facial Skin Health, Is It Really Beneficial?

Get to know Urine Therapy and How it Works

Urine therapy is treatment using urine or urine, either through topical (topically) or orally (consumed). This therapy has long been used in India to treat certain skin conditions.

After that, history reveals that the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks began to recognize this therapy in the Middle Ages or the Renaissance.

This method of therapy using urine then developed starting in the 18th century through two conferences held in India in 1996 and in Germany in 1999.

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How to do urine therapy can be done alone at home, namely by applying it to the skin directly with cotton or cloth. In addition, use urine in the morning because the quality is considered better.

When you’re done applying it, just wipe your face, then wait until it’s completely dry. Then rinse your face using water.

This method is thought to be able to cleanse the skin, tighten pores like a toner, and treat various skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Apart from applying it to the skin, urine therapy can also be administered orally in extreme cases. This means, urine that has been selected can be directly drunk to obtain its properties.

Is Urine Therapy Effective for Facial Skin Health?

Urine consists of 90 percent water. Of course this one component does not have any ability to nourish the face or treat acne.

The alleged benefits of urine for facial care probably come from the content of urea in it. This content is a humectant that can keep the skin moist.

Urine is also thought to be an exfoliant which can help remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

On the other hand, urine is acidic in nature so it is thought to be beneficial for drying out pimples. Efficacy allegedly similar to apple cider vinegar.

However, is it true that urine therapy for facial health can be relied upon? In fact, this is not the case. Experts even doubt that this method is effective for maintaining healthy skin.

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One study reported that using urine for acne can exacerbate existing acne.

According to the study, fresh urine applied to the skin is effective at first. However, after using stored (not refrigerated) urine for several months, acne worsened.

This means that urine that has been outside the body for a long time can be a place for bacteria to multiply.

Therefore, this therapy is not recommended to be carried out, given the risk of bacterial infection that can occur on the skin.

Apart from that, urine therapy for facial skin health has not been clinically proven. After all, the urea content in it is not much, namely only about five percent.

That is an explanation of urine therapy which is said to be beneficial for skin health. Instead of using methods that are not yet clear, choose skin treatments and therapies that have been proven safe.

You can also consult a dermatologist regarding appropriate treatment if you have skin problems, such as annoying pimples and eczema.

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