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To Stay Healthy Eat All You Can Eat, Come on, Try These 6 Tips | Good Doctor

Restaurant buffets currently mushrooming in big cities. Not infrequently also provide a dining menu all you can eat. This type of restaurant allows visitors to eat as much as they want.

Unfortunately, not a few are careless and actually ignore the condition of the body. Improper menu choices and the wrong way of eating can cause health problems.

What to do while in a restaurant all you can eat? Come on, see the following six tips.

Tips for healthy eating all you can eat

One aspect that must be considered in food all you can eat are the nutrients contained in it. Because, indirectly, this can affect the nutritional balance in the body. Besides that, there are still a few things you need to pay attention to, namely:

1. Choose low-calorie foods

When eating all you can eat in a restaurant, first identify each menu based on calories. This is important, because too many calories that enter the body can cause obesity, if not balanced by burning.

To quote Healthline, Vegetables are one type of food that is not high in calories. Broccoli and celery, for example, have very low calories. You can also choose broth soup, various mushrooms, and salads.

2. Don’t have too many carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are nutrients that every human needs as a source of energy. But, too much intake is also not healthy. This is because there is glucose which can raise blood sugar levels in the body.

Some people still think that carbohydrates can only be obtained from rice. In fact, this opinion is not entirely true. At the restaurant all you can eat, There are many foods that contain these substances. For example, potatoes, cereals, sushi, bread, pasta and many more.

Therefore, you should avoid taking more than one type of food that contains carbohydrates. For example, if you’ve already placed sushi on your plate, don’t take the pasta or potatoes.

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3. Balance nutrition

eat all you can eat
Balanced nutrition. Photo source:

While at the restaurant all you can eat, many people tend to take foods that only like. In fact, this can allow the body to experience nutritional imbalances.

For example, eating too much meat will make iron levels increase, even exceeding the amount the body needs. As a result, other nutrients experience an imbalance, so absorption is not optimal.

You can balance it with eggs as a source of protein, vegetables as a source of fiber, and sea fish as a source of omega-3.

When eating all you cat eat, don’t forget fruit for dessert. Besides being able to neutralize the salty and savory taste of the previous food, fruits are the best source of vitamins.

4. Chew slowly

Almost all restaurants provide a dining menu all you can eat provide a time limit or duration for visitors. This makes not a few guests rush to finish their food and take other menus.

In fact, this way of eating is not recommended. To quote Healthline, Eating food quickly can cause obesity. The texture of food that is not chewed until soft will be difficult for the body to digest.

As a result, the calories and fat that enter the body will take a long time to decompose, causing accumulation that can lead to obesity.

Not to mention, when the mouth is not chewing something, you will be provoked to include more other foods. As a result, without realizing it, there is a lot of food that can enter the stomach.

5. Keep moving

When eating all you can eat, most people will probably take a lot of menus at one time. Eventually, he will sit down and eat his food more often.

Instead of doing so, you can take small portions of food onto a plate. This will keep you moving and moving towards food station to take the next menu.

This walking activity will burn calories in the body. Thus, the risk of obesity due to hoarding calories can be minimized.

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6. Pay attention to drinks

In addition to choosing a menu to eat all you can eat, You are also strongly advised to pay attention to the drinks available. Of the various drinks available, most have a high sugar content, or even added soda.

Drinks such as sweet tea and lemon juice may be refreshing. However, there is high sugar in it. Then, how about juice and milk? Both types of drinks are also loaded with sugar.

High sugar levels can cause several health problems such as diabetes. Too much sugar can also spur the release of insulin, which can make you weak.

Drinking water is the most appropriate solution. Unfortunately, in a restaurant to eat all you can eat, plain water is often not put on booth drink. You can ask the officer.

So, those are six tips for healthy eating all you cat eat which you can apply. Come on, pay attention to the nutritional and nutritional value of every food you eat. That way, the risk of various health problems can be minimized. Enjoy your meal!

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