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These are 7 Natural Mosquito Remedies that are Safe to Use and Rarely Known! | Good Doctor

Besides being able to disturb sleep, mosquito bites can cause a number of serious diseases, such as dengue fever, malaria, and chikungunya. Instead of using lotions or grilled mosquito repellent, you can use some ingredients at home as a natural mosquito repellent.

Besides having no side effects, some natural mosquito repellents can also soothe the skin. What ingredients are safe to use as natural mosquito repellents? Come on, see the following review.

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Various kinds of natural mosquito repellent

Safe natural insect repellent

There are many natural ingredients that can be used as mosquito repellent, ranging from herbs such as cloves and cinnamon, to various plants such as basil and lavender. Here are seven natural mosquito repellents that you can use.

1. Lavender flowers

The first natural mosquito repellent is lavender. To quote Healthline, When lavender flowers are crushed and crushed, they produce a fragrant oil-like liquid.

According to a publication in the United States National Library of Medicine, these odors are quite effective at repelling adult mosquitoes.

Not only that, the aroma of lavender flowers can also keep you away from mosquitoes Culex which can cause inflammatory brain disease Japanese encephalitis.

Lavender has analgesic, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. This means that besides being able to prevent mosquito bites, this flower can soothe the skin. You can apply it on your arms and ankles.

2. Cinnamon

Who would have thought, it turns out that kitchen spices like cinnamon can be used as a natural mosquito repellent, you know. A study in Taiwan explained that cinnamon oil that had been extracted was active enough to repel adult mosquitoes and kill their eggs.

You can mix a few drops of this oil in water, then spray it on your skin, clothes, and parts of your house that are usually visited by mosquitoes.

3. Clove spice

Besides cinnamon, there is one more spice that can be used as a natural mosquito repellent, namely cloves. There are a number of studies that have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of clove as a mosquito repellent.

Research in 2013, for example, found that a mixture of coconut oil and cloves could repel mosquitoes by up to 96 percent.

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4. Essential oil

Better known by name essential oils, essential oils are believed to be effective enough to repel mosquitoes. This oil consists of natural ingredients that generally come from plants, such as lemongrass. Not only inside the house, essential oils can be used for outdoor protection.

A study published in Malarian Journal mentions, when used properly, essential oils are as effective as DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide), a chemical commonly found in insect repellent products.

5. Eucalyptus oil

Apart from relieving breathing, it turns out that eucalyptus oil can be used as a natural mosquito repellent, you know. This is inseparable from the content of eucalyptus which is capable of producing a pungent odor. Such odors are believed to be disliked by mosquitoes.

To quote Healthline, Eucalyptus oil has been used since the 1940s as a natural mosquito repellent. There is no need to doubt its efficacy, because it has been tested by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A study in 2014 also explained that eucalyptus oil mixed with lemon could increase the efficacy of repelling mosquitoes by up to 95 percent.

6. Soybean oil

According to research conducted by the medical Entomology laboratory University of Florida, Soybean oil can be a natural insect repellent with longer protection. In fact, the effect can exceed the efficacy of essential oils.

You can use this oil regularly, because according to experts at Cambridge University, soybean oil effective enough to repel several types of mosquitoes, one of which is Aedes aegypti, the cause of dengue fever and chikungunya.

7. Basil leaves

Apart from being a food complement, you can use basil leaves as a natural mosquito repellent. According to a study, oil from extracted basil leaves can provide up to 100 percent protection for up to six hours.

Another research by researchers at the Palembang Muhammadiyah University published in Journal of Agromedicine and Medical explained, basil leaf extract is believed to have an effect as a bioinsecticide or insect poison.

This cannot be separated from the content of active compounds in it, such as saponins and tannins.

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Another alternative to repel mosquitoes

Apart from using some of the natural ingredients above, you can also minimize the risk of being bitten by these little creatures by:

  • Use a fan: Moving air will make it difficult for mosquitoes to land on your skin.
  • Eliminate standing water: Water is the ideal place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. By eliminating puddles, it means you don’t provide a place for mosquitoes to breed.
  • Use coveralls: Wear clothes and long pants and socks. Tuck your clothes into your pants so mosquitoes can’t sneak under your clothes.

So, those are seven natural mosquito repellents and several other alternatives that you can use to avoid their bites. Use the method that feels easy, so you have no trouble making and using it. Stay healthy, ok!

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