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The Importance of Testicular Self Examination for Early Detection of Cancer

Testicular self-examination is something that should not be overlooked because it plays a role in helping to detect testicular cancer as early as possible. So, how to do it? Check out the full review below.

The Importance of Testicular Self Examination for Early Detection of Cancer

Examine Independent Testicles for Reducing the Risk of Testicular Cancer

A study reveals, men who detect early signs of testicular cancer have a 99 percent ratio to live 5 years longer. This is because the cancer has not spread (metastasized).

If testicular cancer has already spread, then this chance can drop drastically to 74 percent. Therefore, men must be diligent in checking the health condition of the testicles at least once a month while bathing.

Bathing is the perfect time to do it testicular examination considering that at this time the testicles are in the most relaxed condition. This state can help you spot things that look odd; which may be a sign of testicular cancer.

This method of examining the testicles is also very easy to do, namely by holding the upper left part of the testicle, then holding this testicle between the thumb and the other four fingers. Then grope downwards. Do the same movement on the right testicle.

If you find a lump, whether it looks hard or soft, round or other sizes, or even stiff and strange in the testicles, then you should immediately visit a doctor for further examination.

If indeed those are early signs of testicular cancer, then you will have a greater chance of recovery and survival.

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Examination Steps for Early Detection of Testicular Cancer

Testicular self-examination can be done every four weeks or so. Examination should also be done when the body is mature enough, namely at the age of 17 years and over.

The following are the steps for an independent testicular health check, including:

1. Examine the Testicles during or after a Hot Bath

During a warm bath, the scrotum is most relaxed and soft, a condition that allows you to feel the inside of the testicles better. It is important to remember, do this step gently and hold the testicles carefully.

2. Examine One Testicle at a Time

If one testicle has a specific area that you can feel with your hand, the other testicle should also feel the same. This will help you spot any unusual features and differences in the testicles.

Here’s what you should find in the testicles, including:

  • Scrotum. This is a sac or loose skin that covers the testicles. The skin is usually loose and wrinkled when relaxed, and tight and swollen when cold. The skin will appear normal, and any patches, discoloration, or roughness should be noted.
  • Testicles. Each testicle should feel firm and springy like a shelled quail egg, and also feel smooth on the surface. Slanted testicles are actually normal in most men. So you don’t have to worry unless one of them is the size of a tennis ball and the other is the size of a quail egg.
  • Epididymis. This is a soft, spongy, string-like structure that runs from the back of the testicles up towards the inside of the pelvic area. This duct carries sperm from the testicles to the penis during ejaculation.

3. Pay attention to lumps, protrusions and swelling that occurs

The lumps and swelling often feel like there is a grain of rice or a small pea embedded in the testicle. When this happens, note and monitor any further changes, such as a new lump, increase in size, tingling sensation, or something else.

In addition, it is important to remember that the bigger and clearer the lump, then as soon as possible you should see a skin and genital specialist.

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4. Examine the Scrotum

The scrotum should more or less look like skin all over the body, though slightly wrinkled and hairy.

It’s best to feel the testicles with your hand and look for a rough or scaly patch, discoloration, rash, redness, and any other uncomfortable or unusual features.

5. Pay attention to the strange sensation that appears

The most recognizable feature is pain, persistent itching, heaviness or tingling. The testicles can also be very sensitive to touch and temperature. Meanwhile, touching the area can cause intense pain.

6. Note Unusual Sensations

Certain activities may interferes with the comfort of the testicles, for example when urinating, walking, sleeping, or during sex. Keeping a record of any conditions that occur can help with the diagnosis if you need to see a doctor at a later date.

Take these steps in a disciplined manner because detecting cancer features early will help prevent and facilitate treatment.

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