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The Human Body During Fasting Experiences Changes, Check The Facts | Good Doctor

Unknowingly, it turns out that many things happen to the human body during fasting, you know. The effects that are felt also vary depending on the form and how long we fast.

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Why are you dizzy and weak?

dizziness and weakness

Most commonly, we may feel dizzy and weak because the body is not getting food intake. To anticipate this, there are preventive steps you can take before fasting. For example, eating a small amount of food to limit the calories that enter the body.

Another thing you can do is make sure your body has enough water (hydration) during fasting. The key is when breaking the fast until dawn, enough to drink 2-3 liters of water at that time. Drink little by little so as not to go straight out through the urine.

Apart from the things above, it turns out that there are also some details that our body feels during fasting. Here’s what happens to the body during fasting with the model of not consuming food and only consuming water for 12-48 hours:

Things that are felt by the human body during fasting days 1-2

Of course what the body feels is a feeling of hunger. This is the most challenging thing when we fast.

You will certainly experience a reduction in energy in this phase. This effect can cause our mood to be bad and make us angry easily.

In fact, the body will take the initiative to convert non-carbohydrate materials such as amino acids and fats in the body into glucose needed for activity.

So, you don’t need to worry, with this process, your body actually becomes wiser in using energy so that your heart rate and blood pressure will be lower.

The condition of the body during fasting days 3-7 becomes more energetic

In this phase, you are not really hungry. you will feel more energetic.

This is due to the start of the ketosis phase or a condition in which the liver produces ketones as energy. In this phase, your body will burn fat as the main source of your energy needs.

With this process, your hunger will tend to decrease and your energy needs will be more fulfilled.

From the explanation above, of course you can imagine the effect, right? Yep, in this phase your body starts cleaning fat. So don’t be surprised if you see that your weight is starting to decrease.

Days 8-15, the human body when fasting starts ‘Healing Mode’

In this phase you will feel your body begin to adapt and feel fasting as a normal thing. Some of the effects you will feel are improving your mood and mental health.

You could say that your body is currently in ‘healing mode’. This process starts with your digestive system starting to get rid of the stressors and toxins that you carry every day.

As a result, your body will have less free radicals and start reducing oxidative substances. This process will lead to an increase in the immune system.

Cumulatively, there will be an increase in the health that your body experiences. With fewer free radicals, premature aging can be prevented.

Day 16 onwards, like being new

There will be a body balance that you feel in this phase until the end of your fasting period. If you can get to this phase, congratulations! you are in a place where not everyone has been.

This phase is an extension and perfection of the ‘healing mode’ experienced in the previous phase.

The longer you fast, the longer you will give your body to heal and cleanse itself.

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No less important, this must be remembered when stopping fasting

You will experience an increase in your health and feel fit for having completed a long fast. And how you end it is very important and influential.

No matter how long your fast is, you should be able to subdue your desire to go back to eating unhealthy foods. The trick is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables so that your achievements are not in vain.

Therefore, you should be able to make this a new beginning for your diet. It is important to remember what you have accomplished and the effect it has had on your body.

Most importantly, so that the body is in prime condition, breaking the fast and sahur with food that is healthy, low in fat, with sufficient calories and the body must remain hydrated. So that the balance in the body is maintained.

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