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The Danger of Breaking the Fast with Coconut Milk Food, You Need to Watch Out for

Rendang, chicken opor, or compote are some typical Ramadan menus that are generally served at the dinner table. The delicious and delicious taste makes coconut milk food always awaited when breaking the fast. However, you have to be careful, behind the pleasure there is a danger that lurk your health.

The Danger of Breaking the Fast with Coconut Milk Food, You Need to Watch Out for

The Effect of Opening Too Often with Coconut Milk Menu

Foods rich in coconut milk are often the choice for breaking the fast. However, some experts recommend not consuming coconut milk in large quantities. The following are some of the dangers you need to know if you break your fast with coconut milk too often, including:

1. Increase Cholesterol Levels

Coconut milk which is used as a food ingredient is generally heated before boiling. The process of heating coconut milk is what can change the fatty acids into saturated fats; which eventually leads to high cholesterol.

2. Make stomach full and bloated

Coconut milk foods contain high enough fat. In 15 tablespoons of coconut milk contains approximately 2.5 times the body’s daily fat requirement. Consuming it in excess has the potential to increase gas production and make the stomach bloated.

3. Body Metabolism Becomes Slow

Consuming foods with lots of fat, including coconut milk when breaking the fast, can cause the body’s metabolism to become heavier. This results in slow absorption of nutrients.

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4. Ulcers Can Become Severe

With an empty stomach after 12 hours of fasting, people with ulcers should avoid coconut milk because it can trigger stomach acid to rise.

Avoid thick coconut milk foods that are difficult for the stomach to digest, such as banana compote or chicken opor. Both are at risk of causing prolonged heartburn.

5. Risk of Raising Blood Sugar Levels

Even if you don’t add sweetener to coconut milk dishes, these foods are still a health risk. The glycemic index of coconut milk is 42, so it is classified as moderate and can cause an increase in blood sugar levels if consumption is not limited.

6. Increase Calorie Intake

Fat is a nutrient that has a relatively high energy content, which is 9 kcal. When you just break the fast, your appetite is certainly still very large. This increases the desire to consume savory foods such as coconut milk in large quantities.

If this goes on continuously, then of course the body’s calorie intake becomes excessive and risks causing the body to become obese, especially if you eat coconut milk that is heated repeatedly or served with other high-fat foods.

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Tips for Healthy Iftar with Coconut Milk Menu

Although it is not recommended to be consumed for breaking the fast, it does not mean that coconut milk food does not have nutritional content. Consuming coconut milk dishes served in a healthy way will provide benefits.

Here are some tips that can be done so that coconut milk consumption remains healthy, including:

Coconut milk dishes are indeed tempting to taste first, but you should not do this. The coconut milk menu should be consumed 30-40 minutes after you eat healthy takjil.

  • Processed in a Healthy Way

A surefire tip so that you can consume coconut milk dishes in a healthier way is to process coconut milk in a healthier way. First, choose thin coconut milk, limit portions, and don’t heat it repeatedly.

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  • Along with High Fiber and Protein Foods

Electrolyte disturbances often occur when fasting. Therefore, try to eat fruits and vegetables when breaking the fast as a nutritional complement when breaking the fast. The most abundant vitamins and minerals are found in fruits and vegetables.

Also, choose good sources of protein such as skinless chicken, fish, eggs or whole grains. If you want to cook it with additional coconut milk, make sure the coconut milk used is not excessive.

Nowthat’s an explanation of the dangers behind the coconut milk iftar menu along with healthy tips that you can follow. Apart from limiting portions, you can replace coconut milk with other ingredients that are healthier but still provide a savory taste such as vegetable creamer or milk.

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