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Take note, these are 6 reasons why rest during homecoming is important

When you’re going home, you may want to rush to your hometown. As a result, you neglect the time to rest. In fact, rest when going home is very important, you know. What’s important? Check it out through the following reviews.

Take note, these are 6 reasons why rest during homecoming is important

The Importance of Rest during Homecoming

How often do you neglect travel breaks when going home? Don’t let it be because you can’t wait to meet your family in your hometown, you force yourself to continue your journey even though you feel tired.

When going home, resting is something that is important and must be done without much compromise. Moreover, the journey that you do is quite far.

Now, Here are some reasons why it’s important to rest while going home for whatever reason:

1. Avoiding the Risk of Dizziness and Nausea

Being in a vehicle for longer than three hours will make you feel dizzy and nauseous. If this happens, your fast is in danger of being cancelled!

Therefore, some people recommend resting for a while at rest area or on the side of the road that is safe and comfortable.

So, don’t be in a hurry to get there soon, OK? Always prioritize the health and safety of you and your family.

2. Helping Fasting Worship Run Smoothly

Long trips when going home often make you tired, especially if you face traffic jams in the hot sun. The temptation to hastily break the fast may arise.

However, there’s no need to worry. It turns out that taking a break during homecoming can help fasting keep going smoothly.

If you rest while going home, especially those with personal use, fasting can still be carried out properly. You can still eat breakfast and sahur on the streets even though access to food is limited.

To work around this, you can bring food to eat during the trip. Make sure the food you bring is healthy food and snacks, such as fruit.

Instead, limit or completely avoid foods and drinks that contain high caffeine to prevent you from waking up during the trip.

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3. Avoid Micro Sleep

One that is feared by those who are driving is micro sleep. When the body is tired and sleepiness comes, micro sleep can appear and cause you to sleep for a few seconds even though you are driving a car or motorcycle.

Micro sleep very dangerous for health because it can trigger an accident. Even if you only sleep for a few seconds, the vehicle can get out of control and end up crashing into whatever is in front of it.

The good news is, by taking time to rest while going home, you can avoid this short nap. In this way, various adverse effects can be prevented.

4. Reducing the Risk of Stress on Travel

The tradition of going home is synonymous with traffic jams. Make no mistake, this condition can lead to stress!

When the stress of traveling combines with the stress of lack of sleep, the production of the hormone cortisol increases. Increased cortisol levels can result in an increased risk of anxiety so that your stress will increase.

Taking rest time when going home can be one way to prevent this condition.

5. Prevent Pain during Eid

Rest during the trip will help keep the body healthy. When sleeping, white blood cells will increase in number, especially at night. On the other hand, sleep deprivation weakens the body’s defense mechanism.

In the end, these conditions will impact on the decline of the body’s immune system. Various infections will easily attack the body.

Therefore, take a moment to get enough rest. That way, you and your family will arrive at your destination safely.

You don’t want the Eid moment to be missed due to a sudden rush dropNo?

6. Reducing the Risk of Accidents

Another reason that makes resting during homecoming important is preventing accidents. If you often hold drowsiness, then this risk can increase.

Some important facts about accidents due to drowsiness, include:

  • Most often occurs between midnight and 6 a.m., or in the late afternoon.
  • Often it involves only one driver, no passengers.
  • Can occur on small roads such as villages or highways.

In order to avoid unwanted accidents while going home, make sure you get enough sleep. Also, watch out for signs of drowsiness. If you recognize the signs, you can stop for a moment to rest.

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Tips for a good rest when going home

In order for the journey to continue smoothly until the destination, follow some tips for resting while going home based on the vehicle used:

  • Bus: as much as possible take a break as soon as you enter or in the first hour. Don’t play too much with your cellphone because it can make it hard for you to fall asleep during the trip.
  • Trains or planes: going home with these modes of transportation may not be too tiring, so you can rest if necessary.
  • Ship: the trip usually takes 2-3 days or more, depending on the destination. Since it’s long enough, take time to rest a lot, don’t move much, and take motion sickness medication if necessary.
  • Private vehicles: make sure to always take a break every 3 hours if you drive yourself. This rest period during homecoming will help stretch the body so it doesn’t get stiff and prevent accidents due to sleepiness.

Now, you already know why resting while going home is so important. Remember, no matter what type of transportation you choose, be sure to take time to rest during the trip.

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