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Symptoms of Early Stage Brain Cancer You Can Recognize

Symptoms of brain cancer in the early stages usually do not cause any distinctive signs. However, when it enters an advanced stage, new symptoms can be felt. So, what are the characteristics of early-stage brain cancer? Check out the full explanation in the following review.

Symptoms of Early Stage Brain Cancer You Can Recognize

Recognizing Symptoms of Early Stage Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is a disease that occurs when cells in the brain tissue grow abnormally, uncontrollably, and form tumors. Then, this tumor will take over space, nutrition, and blood from healthy cells in the brain and its surroundings.

You need to know, brain cancer itself is divided into two types: primary brain cancer and secondary brain cancer. Primary brain cancer can originate from the brain cells themselves. While secondary brain cancer can originate from cancer cells that spread from other organs of the body.

Symptoms of early-stage brain cancer can occur due to swelling in the brain, mainly caused by inflammation or tumors around it.

Although sufferers may experience different symptoms. However, there are general symptoms that often occur when a person has early-stage brain cancer, including:

1. Headache

One of the common symptoms of brain cancer is frequent headaches and they don’t get better even after getting treatment.

Tumor growth that occurs in the brain can press on blood vessels and sensitive nerves, causing headaches that have never been felt before, for example san excruciating headache when you wake up in the morning; can daccompanied by vomiting.

2. Mood Changes

Tumors that grow in the brain can interfere with brain function, including affecting behavior and personality. In addition, you may experience mood swings that are hard to explain, such as being more sensitive, becoming passive, and getting irritated easily.

Some of these conditions can occur because there are tumors in parts of the temporal lobe, frontal lobe, and certain parts of the cerebrum.

3. Memory Impaired

Cancer in the frontal lobe can also affect decision making, reasoning and memory. In addition, you also have difficulty concentrating and are easily distracted. This condition can get worse if you start to feel tired.

4. Nausea or Vomiting

During its early stages, this disease can make you often experience nausea or vomiting. This condition can occur because a tumor in the brain can cause hormonal imbalances.

5. Visual Impairment

Patients with early-stage brain cancer can experience visual disturbances such as difficulty reading text as if the writing has disappeared or when they see lights as if they are flashing, even though the lights are on as usual.

Now, those are some of the symptoms of early-stage brain cancer that are important for you to know. In the end, if you are unsure about the condition you are experiencing, immediately consult a doctor to get the right diagnosis.

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