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Stay Passionate, These are Tips for Intimate Relationships for Diabetics

Diabetes can affect the sufferer’s sexual activity, both in men and women. However, you don’t need to worry, because there are several ways you can do it so that sex still gives you pleasure. Check out the full tips below.

Stay Passionate, These are Tips for Intimate Relationships for Diabetics

Intimate Relationship Tips for Diabetics

Problems in bed are often faced by someone who has diabetes. This condition makes sexual satisfaction with your partner decrease. The following are various ways to keep sex enjoyable, including:

1. Using Sex Toys

Disorders that occur in blood vessels and nerves can make diabetics not experience orgasm. Therefore, the fastest way to get sexually stimulated is with a vibrator. However, make sure the vibrator model used provides maximum clitoral stimulation, not too hard or too strong in the vagina

2. Using Safeguards

Diabetes can cause spikes in blood sugar levels and the area around the vagina experiences significant changes in pH. Changes in pH can cause normal flora to often die and make it easier for bacteria from outside to enter and cause infection quickly.

Having sex using protection such as condoms will reduce the risk of infection in diabetics.

In addition, a penis that does not use a condom is also likely to bring dirt inside so that further infection can occur. This condition will interfere with vaginal health and the reproductive system as a whole.

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3. Using Glycerin and Propylene Glycol Free Lubricants

Using lubricants will indeed help sex be more enjoyable, but diabetics need to pay attention to the lubricants used. Some lubricants on the market contain glycerin and propylene glycol, two compounds that can affect vaginal pH and possibly trigger a yeast infection.

4. Paying attention to vaginal pH

Elevated blood sugar levels can upset the pH balance of the vagina, a condition that can increase the likelihood of developing vaginal infections.

When the pH rises, lactobacilli A healthy vagina can no longer survive, and there will be growth of bad bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis and vaginal yeast infections

One way to keep the bacteria in balance is to use vaginal gel twice a week. Vaginal gel can help restore the normal pH of the vagina and also functions as a moisturizer for comfort during sexual intercourse.

5. Libido Power Foods

Eating certain foods can have a positive effect on your sex drive. The mineral zinc can function as a libido enhancer by helping testosterone production. Food sources that are high in zinc include; oysters, red meat, crab, and cashews.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep has an important role in controlling blood sugar levels. According to research, sleeping less than 6 hours per night will make a person three times more likely to experience an increase in blood sugar levels.

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7. Avoid Alcohol Before Sex

Consuming alcoholic beverages before sex can cause a significant decrease in blood sugar in the body. This causes the energy in the body to decrease when having sex.

If you are addicted to alcohol which is very difficult to overcome, it is better to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

8. Having sex at the right time

It’s best to have sex at the right time and don’t do it when the blood sugar in the body drops or is even high. Make love when blood sugar levels in the body are in a stable condition. The hallmark of stable blood sugar is that the body doesn’t suffocate easily and sexual arousal doesn’t decrease.

If you are unsure about the condition of your blood sugar levels in your body, it’s a good idea to check your blood sugar regularly every time you make love. You can use a blood sugar test kit at home.

Now,, those are tips for having sex for diabetics. Hopefully this information is useful, Healthy Friends!

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