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Spray Toothache Medicine: What Are the Functions, Advantages and Side Effects? | Good Doctor

Toothache can interfere with activities, so it’s no wonder that you will immediately find a cure for it. However, if you usually choose the medicine you take, now there is a toothache spray that can be an alternative, you know.

Spray toothache medicine may not be very commonly used, but this does not mean it is not effective in treating toothaches. Come on, get to know more about the ins and outs of this one drug.

The function of the toothache spray

toothache spray
Tooth ache can now be overcome, one of them with a toothache spray. Photo source:

The use of spray toothache medicine is almost the same as ordinary toothache medicine. Starting from reducing pain due to minor injuries to the mouth, gums, or teeth, to numbing the gums when placing dentures.

Reporting from, this drug is like a local anesthetic. So when it is sprayed on the mouth, 15 to 30 seconds later the mouth will be numb for about 15 minutes. This drug is not recommended for use by children and for too long.

The advantages of spray toothache medicine compared to what you drink

Although both have almost the same benefits, this toothache medicine has several advantages compared to those taken directly.

First, it is believed to be more effective when used to treat pain in specific parts of the mouth or teeth. For example, to help restore the gums after performing dental surgery.

Not only that, this drug also usually has anti-bacterial content that can make the wearer avoid bad breath.

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How do you use a toothache spray?

Certain products must be shaken before spraying. However, in general, this drug is used by spraying it directly on the part of the tooth that is experiencing pain.

If you are using it to treat your throat or gums, hold the tube 2.5 to 5 cm away from the area to be sprayed. Spray for about half a second, and let the medicine work for at least 1 minute then spit it out through saliva.

You can repeat it once if needed. However, do not spray more than twice at a time, or more than 4 times a day unless directed by your doctor.

Things to pay attention to while using toothache sprays

To avoid harmful effects on the body, you must pay attention to the following things:

  1. Do not spray the drug on areas of the body close to the eyes
  2. Do not inhale the sprayed liquid from the drug
  3. Do not use this drug in large quantities or more often than the instructions for use because it can increase the risk of methemoglobinemia
  4. Stop using this medicine if your throat hurts
  5. This drug should be avoided if you are pregnant
  6. If within two days of use you experience fever, rash, headache, swelling, nausea, or vomiting, contact your doctor immediately for further treatment.

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Side effects that can appear

This drug basically functions to numb the teeth and mouth area. So its use can make it difficult for you to swallow or choke when eating or drinking. In addition, other side effects that can arise include:

  1. Allergic reactions appear such as rash, itching, blisters on the skin, whether accompanied by fever or not
  2. Very bad mouth sores, and
  3. Signs of methemoglobinemia appear, namely discoloration of the lips, nails and skin to blue or gray.

How to save

Store the medicine at room temperature and avoid placing it in the refrigerator or in a place exposed to direct sunlight.

Protect against fire, and do not puncture or burn it when the contents are empty.

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