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Have you also felt that the weather in Jakarta and its surroundings has been very hot lately during the day? For those of you who are active outdoors, even indoors, hot air may not only make you hot, but in effect also makes your skin dry. In such conditions, the use of moisturizers for dry skin is important.

However, the selection of moisturizing products cannot be arbitrary, they still have to be adjusted to your skin type so that they don’t irritate. What is the safe content of a moisturizer for dry skin, find the answer in this article.

Conditions and Causes of Dry Skin

Dry skin, as reported by Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, is a condition in which the skin lacks moisture. This condition is generally characterized by a pattern of fine lines or cracks, scaly, itchy and even painful, feels tight especially after bathing or swimming, and peeling.

Dry skin conditions are common for everyone, but those over the age of 65, living in dry, cold climates with low humidity levels, and people who bathe too often, are more likely to develop dry skin conditions.

Cite the article entitled ‘Pathway to Dry Skin Prevention and Treatment’ Dry skin conditions can be caused by a number of factors below:

1. Weather

In general, skin becomes dry in winter, when the temperature and humidity are very low. But this can also occur in desert areas where the air temperature increases but the humidity level is very low.

2. Sun exposure

All levels of sunlight can cause dry skin. But exposure to ultraviolet light can penetrate the top layer of skin (epidermis) to cause significant damage to the deepest layers of the skin, namely by damaging collagen and elastin fibers. It is characterized by dry skin, and in the long term it causes wrinkles and sagging.

3. Use of heating and air conditioning, wood-burning stoves and bonfires

These tools cause the air to become dry and reduce humidity.

4. Too often bathing, bathing and swimming

Especially if you use hot water, the long-term impact can damage the protective layer on the skin. Likewise with swimming too often so that the skin is exposed to chlorine which is commonly used in swimming pools.

5. The use of clothes that are too tight

Wearing clothes that are too tight increases the chances of skin and clothing rubbing against each other, thus increasing the risk of dry skin.

6. Use of harsh soaps and detergents

Normal skin has a balance of oil and acid which is marked by a pH level of 4.5 to 5.75. However, using soaps and detergents that are too harsh every day will cause the pH level to change, which is at levels 7 to 12. This condition can damage the function of the skin as a protector.

Steps to Overcome Dry Skin

Handling dry skin includes cleansing routines and applying skin care products especially to treat dry skin.

Cleaning (showering)

Those who have or are experiencing dry skin are highly recommended to shower or bathe in a relatively short time, preferably less than 10 minutes. Use cold or lukewarm water, and avoid using water that tends to be hot. Meanwhile for body cleansing products, avoid shower gels and be careful using fragrance-free bath oils.

Although some bath oils can provide moisture, a number of studies actually show products can leave chemicals that can irritate and worsen conditions.

apply moisturizer for dry skin

Not enough to clean the body, people who are prone to developing dry skin must also be intervened with a number of treatment products that can treat their condition. Like regularly applying moisturizer to ensure the skin stays hydrated.

Moisturizer is a product of a combination of humectants and emollients. Humectants are responsible for hydrating the skin thereby increasing its elasticity. Ingredients in humectants include lactic acid, glycolic acid, urea, glycerin, propylene, glycol, ceramide, and hyaluronic acid.

When the moisture of the skin increases, it can restore the damaged skin barrier. For dry skin conditions that are accompanied by cracks in the skin, the use of urea cream with a high concentration in moisturizing products can be applied. Urea cream also has soothing properties on dry and itchy skin.

Benefits of Urea in Moisturizer for Dry Skin

The use of urea has a long history of treating dry skin conditions. Urea was the first organic compound to be synthesized in a laboratory from inorganic materials. Developed in the late 19th century as a topical treatment for infections.

According to research by The University of Winchester published in Journal of Research Gatesurea is proven to be safe and reliable as an agent for the care and treatment of dry skin which, if left untreated, can cause skin health problems such as atopic eczema, ichthyosis (ichthyosis) and contact dermatitis.

In moisturizing products for dry skin where the concentration of urea is low, urea is able to change the structure of proteins thereby increasing the water binding capacity and keeping the skin hydrated. Meanwhile, at high concentrations, urea is able to dissolve keratin and affect epidermal lipid synthesis. Ultimately urea acts as a repair agent for the damaged skin barrier.

Choose Moisturizer for Dry Skin Make sure it contains Urea

Dry skin conditions include conditions that must be treated, should not be left unchecked because it can cause other skin health problems. Choosing a moisturizer for dry skin, you can apply it Mentholatum AD (Anti Dry) Lotion And Mentholatum AD Botanical Lotion production Rohto Laboratories Indonesia with a license from Rohto Pharmaceutical Japan

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Why Mentholatum AD Lotion? Because this body skin care product acts as Dry Skin Therapy and Dry Skin Defense. Dry Skin Therapy treats dry and extra dry skin, while Dry Skin Defense helps maintain the skin’s defenses so that the skin doesn’t dry out easily.

As a moisturizer for dry skin Mentholatum AD Lotion able to maintain skin moisture up to 12 hours, because it has a urea content as natural moisturizing factor. Some of the benefits of urea for the skin:

– Keep the skin moist by attracting and storing water in the skin

-Helps reduce piles of dead skin cells

-Helps protect the skin by enhancing skin barrier skin

-Helps absorption of topical medications.

Graduated in Dermatology Mentholatum AD Lotion It also contains vitamins B5 & E to nourish the skin, as well as crotamiton, menthol, hydrolyzed royal jelly protein to provide a feeling of comfort, coolness, easy to apply, and absorbs so it’s not sticky.

Suitable for all skin types, Mentholatum AD Lotion It can be used after bathing, before going to bed and when the skin feels dry.

Also there Mentholatum AD Botanical Lotionwhich has the same function and efficacy as Mentholatum AD Lotion . the difference, Mentholatum AD Botanical Lotions contains botanical essential oils, lavender and eucalyptus, so there is a natural, relaxing scent from botanical essential oils.

Don’t let dry skin interfere with skin health and also lower your confidence. Treat and relieve dry skin with Mentholatum AD Lotion AndMentholatum AD Botanical Lotion.

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