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Safe Endurance Supplements for Children

Currently, the children are actively returning to school, Mums, after the holidays are over. This means that you have to start equipping your little one with strong body resistance, because your little one will “battle” with the environment outside the house for almost a full day.

His activities at school will also drain him physically and emotionally. Moreover, coupled with unfavorable seasons, such as extreme weather, continuous rain or very hot air. Don’t forget Mums, COVID-19 is still around, even though we have almost forgotten it.

How to strengthen the child’s immune system? Pregnant friends have their secrets Mums. Listen to the info until it’s finished!

How to Increase Children’s Immunity

There are several ways to maintain and increase the immune system of children and toddlers so they don’t get sick easily. Of course, the method taken must be safe and indeed proven through various studies. Here are some ways you can do to boost your child’s immunity:

1. Provide the best nutrition

Children and toddlers need complete and balanced nutritional support to boost their immune systems, and to help protect against approaching germs, both inside and outside the home.

Making sure your little one gets the best food that can help boost his immunity is the job of Mums and the whole family at home.

Healthy food is food with complete nutrition, at least it must consist of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables. Add milk or other sources of calcium will be more complete.

Foods to avoid are processed foods, foods with added sugar, and foods with unhealthy fats, such as trans fats found in unhealthy snacks. That doesn’t mean your little one can never eat cake or ice cream, but don’t give them every day.

2. Increase immunity by getting enough sleep

Not only food can help children stay healthy all year round, good sleep habits are very important for children.

Sleep is when our body rests, regenerates and heals itself. It’s an important part of keeping your little one’s immune system functioning at its best.

3. Invite your little one to do physical activities

Exercise is also important because physical activity can help keep the body resilient and stronger against infection. So make sure the kids keep moving.

4. Make your little one always happy

Another way to help children be healthy is to minimize stress and anxiety, which is a tough task because adult problems are always there, Mums. As much as possible, often invite your little one to communicate, about how he feels, if he looks unhappy. Mums and Dads can work together to minimize negative feelings for your little one.

5. Complete the vaccine schedule

Immunization protects us from all kinds of diseases. Ask the doctor if your little one needs to get a certain vaccine booster, or get the annual influenza vaccine. The flu vaccine is recommended annually for everyone 6 months of age and older, and will be especially important post-pandemic.

6. Support the immune system with supplements

If you are still worried, you can give your little one an immune supplement. But choose a safe yes! Oxyvit Kids can be an option because it is in the form of lozenges containing extracts Phyllantus niruri or mint leaves.

Meniran leaves function as an immunomodulator. This herbal ingredient has been clinically tested. Preclinical and clinical trials show that Phyllanthus niruri L. extract can modulate and strengthen the immune system, namely the specific and non-specific, humoral and cellular immune systems.

Because it’s a lozenge, kids will love it. Children also won’t refuse because it tastes good and is easy to consume. Moreover, Oxyvit Kids has taste blackcurrant in the form of lozenges which cute is a bunny. The advantages of lozenges are that they can increase retention time in the oral cavity so as to increase bioavailability, reduce stomach irritation and not go through first pass metabolism.

Reference: How To Build Up Your Child’s Immune System Boosting your child’s immune system – Harvard Health

Healthyfamilyproject. Tips For Boosting Kids Immunity For Back To School

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