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Recognize the Causes of Diabetes at a Young Age and How to Prevent It

Diabetes is a disease that can attack all ages, including young people. Not only affects people aged 40 years and over, this disease can occur in groups that are in the young age category. Why do young people get diabetes? Check out the full explanation below.

Recognize the Causes of Diabetes at a Young Age and How to Prevent It

Cases of Diabetes at a Young Age Are Expected to Continue to Increase

Although it is more often associated with diseases that are common in adults to older people, diabetes is also found in many younger ages, from children to adolescents.

Data from International Diabetes Federation (IDF) states that diabetes sufferers in Indonesia continue to increase. In 2019, it was found that there were 10.7 million people with diabetes, then this figure will increase to 19.5 million in 2021. Diabetes cases are expected to rise to 28.6 million in 2045.

IDF also shows that globally there are not a few individuals aged 20-34 years who suffer from diabetes. There are at least 55 million people at this age who have diabetes and are expected to continue to increase in 2045.

The biggest possibility of cases of diabetes at a young age is a change in lifestyle and health problems. Even though there are other factors such as genetics, an unhealthy lifestyle is the main cause of the increased risk of diabetes.

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Types of Diabetes at a Young Age

Basically, there are two types of diabetes mellitus: type 1 and type 2. These two types are different, but both affect insulin action in the body.

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin. As a result, sugar cannot be delivered into cells to be converted into energy. This condition will cause blood sugar levels to increase.

Everyone can get type 1 diabetes, from young children to adults. Generally, this condition is known at the age of 13 years.

This health condition is treated dlifelong insulin injections and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels. In addition, people with type 1 diabetes mellitus need to adopt a healthy diet and regular exercise to help maintain blood sugar within the normal range.

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Type 2 diabetes occurs when insulin doesn’t work effectively in the body; the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body cannot use insulin properly.

The risk of type 2 diabetes will increase when someone is obese since childhood. This type of diabetes can be treated by changing lifestyle, taking medication, or insulin injections.

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Causes of Diabetes Mellitus at a Young Age

Here are several factors that can cause type 2 diabetes at a young age, including:

1. Unhealthy Diet

Consume too much junk food generally increases the risk of developing diabetes. These types of foods generally contain high amounts of calories, fat, sugar, salt, and simple carbohydrates.

Not only that, too much consumption of sweet drinks, such as boba drinks, as well as packaged fruit juices and teas can increase the risk of diabetes. This drink contains high sugar so that the body will experience a spike in blood sugar.

2. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Not only food, lifestyle is also a factor that causes diabetes. Like smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages can increase the risk of diabetes.

In addition, rarely exercising can also cause fat accumulation. It is known that people who are overweight or obese can have a higher risk of suffering from diabetes.

3. Heredity

If you have family members who have diabetes, then you also have a higher risk of experiencing the same condition.

You also have a higher risk of experiencing prediabetes, a condition in which your blood sugar is high but not high enough to be considered diabetes.

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How to Prevent Diabetes at a Young Age

Until now there is no way that can be done to prevent type 1 diabetes. However, preventing type 2 diabetes is very possible.

Here are some ways you can do to prevent type 2 diabetes at a young age, including:

1. Maintain Ideal Body Weight

Obesity can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes because it increases the risk of insulin resistance. Therefore, it is important to keep the weight not excessive.

To prevent obesity, you can eat a balanced nutritional diet, pay attention to food portions, and be active.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise is known to prevent insulin resistance and help you keep your blood pressure within a normal range.

It is recommended that you do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. Choose the type of exercise that you like so you don’t get bored quickly.

3. Limiting Sugar Consumption

Consumption of foods and drinks that are high in sugar can lead to weight gain and problems with insulin function.

Therefore, you are advised to eat foods that are high in vitamins, fiber, and low-fat protein. Thus, the risk of type 2 diabetes can be reduced.

Increasingly, there are more and more cases of diabetes at a young age. Therefore, it is important to always recognize the causes and various ways to prevent this disease.

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