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Pregnant Women Drink Coffee, Safe or Harmful for the Fetus?

One of the concerns that pregnant women experience about caffeinated drinks is whether or not it is permissible to consume coffee. So, is drinking coffee during pregnancy something that should be avoided? Check out the full explanation below.

Pregnant Women Drink Coffee, Safe or Harmful for the Fetus?

Can Pregnant Women Drink Coffee?

The caffeine content in coffee makes many pregnant women hesitate to consume this drink. Actually, caffeine is a chemical compound that can also be found in many foods and drinks, such as tea, energy drinks, soft drinks, and chocolate.

Caffeine works by stimulating the brain and central nervous system, thereby helping the body to stay awake and prevent fatigue. That’s what makes some people feel lethargic when on the move because they don’t drink coffee.

The good news, pregnant women can still drink coffee. You don’t need to avoid coffee or caffeinated drinks during pregnancy; but the number needs to be limited.

Some experts say that pregnant women may consume up to 200 mg of caffeine per day or the equivalent of a 350 ml glass of coffee.

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Excessive consumption of caffeine is known to slightly increase the risk of miscarriage and low birth weight babies. This condition can affect a child’s health as an adult.

Not only coffee, you also need to take into account caffeine from other food or beverage sources, such as tea, soft drinks, and chocolate. Don’t forget to always check the packaging label to find out the amount of caffeine in it.

So, can pregnant women drink coffee every day? Many experts state that pregnant women may drink coffee as long as the recommended amount.

However, the condition of each woman’s pregnancy is different. You are advised to consult with your obstetrician to find out whether or not you can drink coffee during pregnancy.

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How Much Caffeine Can Pregnant Women Drink?

In general, pregnant women should only consume up to 200 mg of caffeine per day. This amount is equivalent to 350 ml of coffee.

However, actually each type of coffee has a different amount of caffeine. In addition, many other drinks and foods that contain caffeine. Therefore, you need to read the packaging labels on the coffee products you consume.

The following estimates the amount of caffeine in some foods and drinks, including:

  • 1 cup of instant coffee: 100 mg.
  • 1 cup of filter coffee: 140 mg.
  • 1 cup of brewed coffee: 60-200 mg.
  • 1 cup of tea: 75 mg.
  • 1 can of soda: 40 mg.
  • 1 cup hot chocolate drink: 9 mg.
  • 50 grams of chocolate: 25-50 mg.

You need to tell your doctor about the caffeinated foods and drinks you want to consume. In this way, the doctor will help calculate the right amount of caffeine intake.

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Risks of Drinking Coffee while Pregnant

Drinking coffee during pregnancy is known to cause several side effects such as chest palpitations, indigestion, frequent urination, shaking or tremors, nausea, insomnia, and anxiety. In addition, coffee consumption can also cause blood pressure to increase.

Please note, the body of pregnant women takes longer to digest and metabolize caffeine, so that the side effects of caffeine can last longer.

In addition, caffeine can also penetrate the placenta and enter the amniotic fluid. This will cause the fetus to absorb the caffeine consumed by the mother. In fact, the fetus does not yet have a mature digestive system to digest caffeine.

If caffeine is consumed in excess by pregnant women, it is feared that the caffeine content in it can cause problems to the fetus. In the end, pregnant women can still drink coffee as long as the amount is limited

Apart from coffee, you also need to take into account your intake of caffeine from tea, soft drinks and chocolate. Excess consumption of caffeine can have an adverse effect on the health of pregnant women and the fetus.

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