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Practical Sahur Menu Options for Boarding Children in the Month of Ramadan, Try It! | Good Doctor

In order to be able to eat breakfast regularly, time to prepare food also needs to be more efficient. Especially for boarding children. What are the choices for the practical breakfast menu for boarding children?

It’s best to avoid relying on fast food like instant noodles, OK? Even though it’s easy and fast to make, this menu lacks nutrition for your body.

Here’s a selection of practical breakfast menus for boarding children that you can prepare for Ramadan this year:


Oatmeal is a practical breakfast menu choice for boarding children that can be a mainstay. Just pour it in a bowl, mix it with the milk you like, the sahur menu is ready to eat.

Besides containing more than dozens of nutritional content, oatmeal is also easy to serve at sahur.

As a healthy menu, oatmeal is also able to inhibit or reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol in the intestine. So that the nutrition is more diverse, mix oatmeal with fruits too, OK!

2. Dates

sahur menu for boarding children
Dates can be a practical snack menu at dawn (Photo:

Dates can be a short alternative as a breakfast menu if you wake up late. Most of the content of dates is filled with carbohydrates.

In addition, dates are also rich in intake of calcium, iron, vitamin K, folate, and antioxidants such as carotenes, phenolics, avanoids, and anthocyanins.

Even though it’s simple, boarding children don’t need to be afraid that their nutritional needs won’t be fulfilled even if they only eat breakfast with dates. This is because the nutritional content of this typical Ramadan fruit is quite large.

Just 100 grams of dried dates contain 277 calories and 75 grams of carbohydrates and 7 grams of fiber.

Another practical menu that is easy to make but highly nutritious.

  1. Fried egg
  2. Cereals
  3. Wheat bread

Now! The practical sahur menu for boarding children above can be your choice to stay healthy and fit during fasting. Now, there’s no reason for you boarding school children to miss sahur, right!

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