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Pletekan Leaf Diabetes Medicine, Recognize Its Benefits and Side Effects | Good Doctor

Leaf pletekan medicine for diabetes? Maybe you are also wondering about the truth of this information. As is known, most of us probably know pletekan as a game material when we were little. When mixed with water, the pletekan seeds will explode, it’s fun!

Well, it turns out, this plant has many health benefits, you know! But so you don’t misunderstand the benefits, it’s better if you first read everything you need to know about the diabetes medicine pletekan leaves.

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What is a pletekan leaf?

pletekan leaves

Basically, this purple flowering plant is often found on the edge of rice fields. However, since it has been widely used as herbal medicines, this plant has begun to be cultivated specifically.

The main reason why pletek leaves are sought after is because they contain many benefits for the body.

Reporting from this scientific work, pletekan leaves have polyphenolic extracts that can treat diabetes mellitus.

The content of pletekan leaves for diabetes medicine

The leaves are from family Acanthaceae is known to contain polyphenols which can stimulate the repair of beta cells in the pancreas. This can encourage the body to increase the production of insulin which is needed to treat diabetes.

Pletekan roots also contain flavonoids. These compounds have been scientifically proven to lower blood glucose levels.

Why pletekan leaves can treat diabetes?

Diabetes is a health disorder that causes an increase in blood sugar. In a healthy person’s body, the hormone insulin will move sugar into the cells to be stored as energy.

However, in diabetics the body fails to produce enough insulin resulting in excess sugar in the blood. Therefore effective blood glucose control and antioxidant action are key in preventing diabetes and its complications.

Of the many herbal plants, pletekan leaf is one of the traditional medicines that can be used to lower blood glucose levels.

Flavonoid compounds, polyphenols, and others in these leaves can increase insulin activity so that they can reduce blood glucose levels in people with diabetes mellitus.

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How? Are you interested in trying this traditional medicine to treat diabetes? If so, don’t forget to consult your doctor first, OK?

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