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Oral Sex Causes Throat Cancer, Really?

Oral sex or often also called oral sex is one of the most common variations of sex. However, some people are reluctant to do it for fear of throat cancer. Is this true? Check out the full explanation below.

Oral Sex Causes Throat Cancer, Really?

Is it true that oral sex can trigger throat cancer?

Although it excites sex, stimulation of the genitals with the mouth, lips or tongue is considered to increase the risk of developing venereal diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and HPV) to throat cancer.

So, is this sexual activity something dangerous? Please note, one of the factors that can increase a person’s throat cancer is infection human papillomavirus (HPVs). Oral sex is an activity that can increase the risk of exposure to the HPV virus.

Although an increased risk of oral cancer is more often associated with smoking, a study reveals that HPV is directly linked to some types of throat cancer.

One of the factors that can increase the risk of HPV-related throat cancer is having multiple oral sex partners.

However, women have a lower risk of developing HPV-associated throat cancer; because his body developed an immunological response to fight cervical cancer. Meanwhile, men do not have the same immunity as women.

Oral sex that is performed with a partner who has genital warts can cause rapid transmission of HPV and the chance of getting throat cancer is high.

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How to Prevent Throat Cancer Due to HPV

Several ways you can do to reduce the risk of developing HPV-related throat cancer, including:

  • Limit the number of sexual partners. The increased risk of throat cancer is associated with a greater number of sexual partners for oral sex partners. Also make sure to use condoms or dental dams consistently as protection.
  • HPV vaccine. Getting the triple round of HPV vaccine can fight HPV infection and will most likely lower your risk of HPV-related cancers.
  • Screening regularly. Getting regular screening can help detect tumors earlier. The doctor will examine the patient’s neck, examine the throat, and examine the mouth.
  • Do not smoke and limit consumption of alcoholic beverages. Quitting these two habits is useful for reducing the risk of developing cancer.
  • Regular visits to the dentist. Dentists are usually the first practitioners to notice abnormalities in the tongue and tonsils.

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Throat Cancer Symptoms You Need to Know

The characteristics of HPV-related throat cancer are often overlooked by sufferers because they are difficult to identify and categorize. Here are some symptoms that you can recognize, including:

  • Swelling in the neck.
  • Earache.
  • Pain when swallowing, as if something is stuck in the throat.
  • snore.
  • Difficulty eating
  • Voice changes, such as hoarseness.
  • Sore throat.
  • Lymph node enlargement.
  • Weight loss for no apparent reason.

If any of these symptoms lasts more than two weeks, you should immediately visit a doctor or ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist to get the right treatment.

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