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Often Ignored, This is the Fault of Diabetics at Breakfast

It is important for diabetics to manage blood sugar levels and follow a regular eating pattern, one of which includes not skipping breakfast. Unfortunately, many mistakes at breakfast are often made by sufferers. Even though the wrong way of breakfast can worsen the condition of diabetes.

Often Ignored, This is the Fault of Diabetics at Breakfast

Mistakes in Diabetic Breakfast Patterns

Appetite in the morning can influenced by many things, this condition makes breakfast often one of the most vulnerable meal times for diabetics.

Here are some mistakes diabetics often make at breakfast, including:

1. Delay Breakfast

Limited time in the morning, often people with diabetes skip breakfast. This condition is certainly not justified, because after sleeping for more than 7-8 hours, blood sugar levels in the body will tend to be very low.

Skipping breakfast means letting the body starve even longer—which will make blood sugar and insulin levels in the body uncontrollable.

2. Breakfast with Sweet Foods and Drinks

Sweet foods and drinks that contain calories or are made from artificial sugar in packaged foods and drinks should be avoided at breakfast.

Instead, diabetics may choose natural sweet foods derived from fruit that are safe for diabetics.

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3. Skipping Fiber and Protein Intake

The breakfast menu is generally dominated by carbohydrates. This often makes diabetics forget fiber and protein intake. Even though fiber and protein will make diabetes full longer and not increase blood sugar.

For this reason, diabetics should choose a breakfast menu that is rich in fiber such as whole wheat bread or oatmeal which is then added a protein side dish.

4. Consuming Cereals

Processed foods and cereals are high in calories and few nutrients. Especially if you consume it with milk. Milk is rich in fat which generally contains sugar. If both are consumed together, this clearly can be at risk of increasing blood sugar levels.

5. Consuming Processed Foods

Processed foods such as bacon, sausage, or ham are not healthy enough proteins for diabetics to consume as a breakfast menu. Not only calories but also low in nutrients.

Now,, those are some breakfast mistakes in diabetics that often occur. To find out for sure the types and portions of food that are good for consumption, the best step is to consult with your doctor first.

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