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Obtaining BPOM permits, Egoji Syrup is safe to consume to help protect children | Good Doctor

JAKARTA – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) estimates that extreme weather in Indonesia will continue until February 2023. After that, the temperature will get hotter. The extreme weather phenomenon that recently hit Indonesia has an impact on public health, especially children who are physically more vulnerable. This is because the risk of a child’s immunity decreases and the spread of the virus increases.

As a result, the right supplements are increasingly needed by children. The good news: Egoji Syrup is one of the syrup products that has obtained permission from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) to be re-sold to the public.

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According to letter number B-PW. which was ratified on January 1, 2023, BPOM has verified Egoji Syrup “in order to protect the public from potential risks of Ethylene Glycol and Diethylene Glycol contamination in Traditional Medicine and Health Supplement products that use ingredients additives or solvents for Polyethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Glycerin or Glycerol, as well as efforts to ensure that traditional medicines and health supplements have been produced in accordance with established standards and requirements.

Last year, Indonesia was shaken by the discovery of hundreds of cases of acute kidney failure affecting the nation’s children. The reason is that children are taking cough syrup medicine with chemical content that exceeds normal limits. The news caused concern for many Indonesian families.

Comes with wine flavors and apple berries, Egoji Syrup is a supplement that contains an integrated multivitamin to help maintain a child’s immune system. In addition, Egoji Syrup can be consumed when sick, busy with activities, routinely leaving the house, as well as the recovery process after feeling unwell. Can be consumed by children from the age of two and over, this syrup product contains herbs that are beneficial to the body.

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Egoji Syrup contains complete extracts goji berries And black elderberry as a double antioxidant to increase immunity as well echinacea purpurea and meniran which normalizes the immune response. This product contains a total of four herbal extracts and has various uses as follows:

  • Helps increase enduranceechinaceameniran, goji berriesAnd black elderberry)
  • Accelerates the healing process from illnessechinaceameniran, goji berriesAnd black elderberry)
  • Maintaining the body’s immunity so you don’t get sick easilyechinaceameniran, goji berriesAnd black elderberry)
  • Protect liver function (meniran and goji berries)
  • High source of antioxidants (goji berries And black elderberry)

Digging deeper, the four herbal extracts contain ingredients that complement each other’s properties. The first composition is goji berries which contains many nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, iron, zeaxanthin, selenium, potassium, zinc, and copper. Besides that, goji berries also contains high specific antioxidants (Lycium barbarum polysaccharides) which helps protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals.

The second composition viz echinacea, a plant native to North America that is commonly used medicinally. This plant has various functions such as lowering blood sugar levels, treating colds, maintaining immunity, anti-inflammation, and preventing the spread of cancer. The third element is meniran, a type of leaf that is found in tropical Asia and is often used as an alternative medicine in various regions. The benefits are no less great, including preventing inflammation and viruses, containing high antioxidants, lowering blood sugar levels, having a natural diuretic effect, and preventing cancer.

Black elderberry is the last ingredient in Egoji Syrup, which has also been used by native peoples in America and Europe for its health functions. This fruit is useful for fighting colds and coughs, helps fight skin problems, maintains healthy blood vessels and heart, and boosts immunity.

according to dr. Attila Dewanti, Sp.A (K), a consultant pediatrician at RSIA Brawijaya Antasari in Jakarta, supplements can help increase a child’s immune system. Physically, children are more sensitive to viruses than adults, especially in the era of teaching and learning activities offline which was held again.

However, dr. Attila stressed the importance of choosing a supplement with a complete composition.

“We have to choose a complete supplement. Don’t let us buy all kinds of supplements. Remember, it’s sometimes difficult for children to take medicine, so we choose one but the content is complete,” said dr. Attila.

“Choose the natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are safer for your little one and can be taken continuously if needed,” he added.

Moms and Dads don’t need to worry, Egoji Syrup is safe for children to consume because it has been clinically tested and has obtained BPOM permission to be re-sold to the public.

Syrup supplements that have received BPOM recommendations can be obtained at leading pharmacies throughout Indonesia and online through official stores in various locations. marketplace.

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