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One of the future investments that can anticipate risks to health is insurance because it becomes a protective device if something happens at any time. There are two types of health insurance, namely JKN-KIS managed by BPJS Kesehatan and private insurance companies. Then, how do you register for the right and proper health insurance?

How to Register for Health Insurance

How to Register for Health Insurance

It has been mentioned before that there are two types of insurance, namely BPJS and private companies. Even though they both provide health protection, there are several differences from BPJS and private insurance, such as premium fees, usage limits, claim systems and hospital selection.

Therefore, before deciding on health insurance, it’s a good idea to see in detail whether the facilities and fees suit your needs or not. If so, just do the registration according to the existing procedure. Here’s how to register for health insurance, both BPJS and private companies:

BPJS Health Insurance

BPJS registration can actually be done online on line nor offline and there are several files that also need to be prepared, such as:

  1. Prepare a valid identity card (KTP, SIM, or passport).
  2. Prepare the latest family card.
  3. If your status is married, then don’t forget to prepare a marriage book as well.
  4. Photocopy of the child’s birth certificate that has become dependents.
  5. Also include 2 pieces of 3×4 sized photos.
  6. Finally, attach a limited stay permit card (KITAS) or permanent stay permit card (KITAP) for foreign nationals.

If you have prepared the required documents, then the next step is to register either online on line or come directly to the nearest BPJS office or offline.

BPJS registration on line

If you register for BPJS online on line then the procedure is more flexible without having to queue at the office. Here are the exact steps:

  1. The first step, prepare documents such as KTP, KK, NPWP card, email address, and number cellphone active.
  2. Then, open the page website via the device you have.
  3. If you have successfully logged in dashboards, immediately fill in the form that has been provided correctly and completely. Including uploading several documents according to the requested file format.
  4. Then, choose a fee per month and adjust it to your needs and financial capabilities.
  5. Save the personal data that has been filled in and wait for a notification or e-mail the notification contains the registration number.
  6. Print sheet virtual accounts and complete the payment process at the designated bank.
  7. After payment is complete, you will get e-mail card reply e-ID BPJS Health which can later be printed by yourself.
  8. Apart from that, you can also print your JKN-KIS card at the nearest branch office. The thing that needs to be done to print it is to come to the card printing section by providing data in the form fields, virtual accountsand proof of payment.

BPJS registration Offline

When choosing BPJS registration offline, then you have to make a direct visit to the BPJS office. Make sure that all the documents needed have been prepared properly. Here are some ways to register for BPJS insurance offline:

  1. Fill in the registration form with complete and appropriate data. Make sure all the data entered is appropriate and appropriate to your current situation.
  2. Then, if it has been filled in, then return the form to the officer to enter the data into the system. Later, you will only be given a number virtual accounts and the amount of dues that must be paid immediately.
  3. Complete payment of insurance contributions through a bank that has collaborated with BPJS Kesehatan.
  4. When the payment is complete, submit the proof to the officer to print the JKN-KIS card.
  5. Finally, wait for the officer to finish printing the JKN-KIS card, because usually it will only be active after 14 working days after it is printed.

How to Apply for Private Health Insurance

Not too much different from BPJS, how to register health insurance with the private party there must be something that needs to be explained, such as:

1. Registration of Private Insurance On line

The following are the steps for private insurance registration on line:

  • Prepare several documents such as KTP, Family Card (KK), Birth Certificate of the insured, NPWP, and others as requested by the company.
  • Then, enter the site address of the insurance company that has been selected and fill out the form online on line.
  • Determine the premium fee per month according to your needs and financial capabilities.
  • Then, save the data and wait for the registration number notification reply via e-mail.
  • If already logged in e-mailimmediately print the sheet virtual accounts that was sent earlier.
  • Make sure you make payments directly at the bank that has been appointed by the insurance company by providing a number virtual accounts just now.
  • Now that the registration is complete, you will get a confirmation via telephone from the insurance company concerned.

Private Insurance Registration Offline

How to register for health insurance offline actually profitable because you can consult directly with the provider. Then you can ask all the confusing things, and understand what health protection you are entitled to get. The following are the steps for registering private insurance offline:

  • Call ahead and make an appointment with a known insurance agent or go to an insurance office in person.
  • Prepare important documents regarding personal data such as KTP, family card, and birth certificates of participants who will be covered.
  • Generally, companies will conduct short interviews regarding personal data and other data needed.
  • Then, the insurance agent will make illustrations or descriptions of guarantees and financing. Not only that, the agent will also explain in detail the rights and obligations according to the agreed premium.
  • If you understand, you will immediately be asked to fill out and sign documents, then submit the data directly to the head office.

Those are some ways to register for BPJS and private health insurance. But before choosing it, make sure that the health insurance is according to your needs and matches your financial capabilities.

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