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Mums, These are Tips for Children to Sleep Well!

Mums, must be dizzy, right, when your little one has trouble sleeping? The problem of children having difficulty sleeping is quite common, so you are not alone. This problem can actually be overcome, Mums.

Mums can help your little one sleep better by adopting a bedtime routine, a comfortable sleeping environment, and healthy daily activities. For more details, come on Mums, check out the tips for children to sleep well below!

Tips for Children to Sleep Well

To deal with children having trouble sleeping, you can try a number of tips below:

1. Create a Sleep Routine Schedule

A regular and consistent bedtime routine can establish a healthy sleep pattern. Mums can also do a number of relaxing activities before going to bed. This can help children sleep better, such as reading story books, listening to soothing music, and more.

2. Set a Routine Bed and Wake Time

Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. This helps keep the child’s body clock functioning in a regular pattern. It’s best to have regular sleep hours, even on weekends and holidays.

3. Make sure the nap duration is fast and short

Most children stop napping by the age of 3-5. If a child is five years and over but still takes naps, try to keep their naps no longer than 20 minutes and no later than 12 or 1 p.m. Late and too long naps can make it difficult for children to get a good night’s sleep and on time.

4. Set Portions and Dinner Hours

Make sure your little one has dinner at the right time, which is not too late and not too fast. Feeling hungry or full right before bedtime can be uncomfortable for children and make it difficult to fall asleep. In the morning, prepare a healthy breakfast to help get your child’s body clock started properly.

5. Sleep in Clean Conditions

Mums pay attention not only to routines and bedtime, but comfortable conditions also help children sleep better. Establishing a conducive child’s sleep environment, as well as taking a warm bath two hours before going to bed can help children to sleep soundly. A warm bath is very relaxing, so it makes your little one feel sleepy.

6. Wear pajamas with comfortable materials

The clothes that children use to sleep also greatly affect the quality of their sleep, Mums. Children should wear pajamas made of light, soft, and comfortable. Also make sure the size is not too tight or too big and flexible. Choose pajamas whose basic ingredients do not irritate the child’s skin, and are adjusted to room temperature.

As a recommendation, Mums can choose Kikuko as a choice of sleepwear for your little one. Kikuko’s sleepwear and pajama pants have very soft and comfortable materials. The absorption rate is also high, so that when sweating, your little one’s skin remains dry and not sticky.

Pajama material from Kikuko is also very elastic and can ward off bacteria. The material is very safe for mums, so it doesn’t irritate your little one’s skin. In addition, pajamas from Kikuko Pajama are also OEKO-TEX certified, which means the material is environmentally friendly.

Good and comfortable sleepwear can make your little one sleep better. So, don’t choose the wrong sleepwear for your little one, Mums!


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