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Lontong, Ketupat, and Rice Calories, Which is Healthier?

Lontong, ketupat, and rice with coconut milk as side dishes are high-calorie foods that are the prima donna of Eid. Even though they both contain calories, which one is healthier among the three? Come onfind out the answer in the explanation below.

Lontong, Ketupat, and Rice Calories, Which Is Healthier at Eid?

How to Cook and the Percentage of Water that Distinguishes the Ingredients

Rice, lontong, and ketupat are three foods that are characteristic of the Eid al-Fitr celebration. Even though the basic ingredients are the same as rice, the flavors and textures produced from the three are different.

That is what makes many people have their own preferences for these three foods.

Both rice, lontong, or ketupat have more or less differences in nutritional content, especially calories. This is due to differences in manufacture and the percentage ratio of rice and water used.

This condition makes rice, lontong, and ketupat have quite a lot of differences in nutritional content.

Usually lontong and ketupat are steamed or boiled after the rice is placed in a container made of banana leaves or young coconut leaves. The leaf container containing rice is not completely filled so it gives room for rice to fill the space in the leaf container.

This makes the water content in lontong and ketupat quite a lot so that the total calorie content of lontong and rhombus both decreases.

This condition is certainly different from the nutritional content of rice, which has a denser nutritional content because the water content in rice is lower.

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Differences in the Nutritional Content of Rice, Lontong, and Ketupat

Based on a brief explanation as above, in general you can imagine that the most dense total nutrient content is in rice. Here’s the explanation:

1. Nutritional Content of Rice

In 100 grams of rice which is equivalent to ¾ ladle, there are 204 kcal, 4.2 grams of protein, 0.44 grams of fat and 44.04 grams of carbohydrates. This figure is of course quite solid considering that the portion you get is quite small, which is under one scoop.

2. Nutritional content Lontong

Whereas in 100 grams of lontong which is equivalent to 1 whole fruit to 1 ¼ medium sized lontong, there is a lower nutritional content, namely 144 kcal, 2.76 protein, 0.23 gram fat, and 31.76 gram carbohydrates.

The figure for the nutritional content of lontong is more considering that lontong contains more water than rice.

3. Nutritional content of ketupat

Ketupat generally has a higher percentage of water content because only ¾ of the rice is filled when the ketupat is still raw.

This means that in 100 grams of ketupat which is equivalent to one medium-sized ketupat, there is a calorie content of 160 kcal, 32.7 grams of protein, 2.42 grams of fat, and 30.36 grams of carbohydrates.

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Rice, Lontong, or Ketupat, Which Is Healthier?

Equally as a staple food on Eid day, these three can certainly be a delicious choice. However, it’s a good idea to determine what side dishes you will consume first, for example opor, beef stew, rendang, pumpkin vegetables, and other coconut milk accompaniments.

If you eat a typical Eid menu that is rich in coconut milk and calories, then it would be better if you choose staple foods that are lower in calories, namely lontong or ketupat.

Note that the portion of lontong or ketupat will affect its nutritional content, make sure you eat the portion of ketupat or lontong according to your nutritional needs. Still make sure that ketupat and lontong can be the right substitute for rice.

Even though it is classified as low, if lontong or ketupat are consumed in excessive quantities then the calorie intake becomes excessive.

Apart from the calorie content, the most important thing is not to eat too much rice, rice cakes, or ketupat, because something in excess is always not good.

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