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Know the Benefits of Fasting for Diabetics

A person with a healthy body generally has no problem fasting, but for diabetic patients, this raises concerns for fear of having an effect on their blood sugar levels. In fact, fasting actually provides many benefits. Anything? Check out the explanation below.

Know the Benefits of Fasting for Diabetics

Myriad Benefits of Fasting for Diabetics

Even though it provides benefits for people with diabetes, consulting a doctor is necessary so that the fast you are undergoing goes smoothly and your health is maintained.

Here are some of the benefits of fasting for diabetics, including:

1. Keeping Blood Sugar Levels Stable

Running fast can help blood sugar and insulin levels in the blood remain normal. This is due to eating patterns that are more regular and awake. In addition, when fasting daily consumption which contains a lot of glucose will be reduced.

When fasting, the body will use glucose as the main energy source. However, when these sources are depleted or reduced, the body will break down fat reserves in the body to be used as energy.

If fat reserves are used as energy continuously, this will also have an impact on weight loss. Weight loss can affect the body’s work in regulating blood pressure to blood sugar levels.

2. Maintain Liver Health

The next benefit of fasting for diabetes is its ability to maintain liver health. In general, the body does not fully use glucose. Some will be stored as energy reserves stored in the liver.

When fasting it means you stop eating for a long time; so the body will start burning fat in the body to produce energy.

These conditions can help maintain body weight to avoid obesity while maintaining a healthy heart condition.

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3. Lowers Blood Pressure

For diabetics who have high blood pressure, fasting can be beneficial for maintaining normal blood pressure. When fasting, the body will reduce the process of producing hormones such as the hormone adrenaline which can be a source of rising blood pressure levels.

4. Reducing the Dosage of Drugs

Based on a published 2007 study Diabetic Medicine revealed, fasting can affect the dose of insulin medication needed by diabetics.

These results refer to patients with type 1 diabetes who successfully fast and reduce their insulin dose. The results of this study indicate that fasting can be beneficial for diabetics by reducing insulin doses.

5. Increases Endurance

Based on research results from University of Southern California, Fasting can help boost the immune system. This happens because when fasting the body can activate a system that can save energy.

When the body is in this state what happens is the body will recycle immune cells that are not needed, especially if the existing cells are damaged. That way, the immune system will be renewed again.

Now,, that’s the various benefits that diabetics can get when fasting. Even though it has health benefits, before you fast you should consult with your doctor, especially if you have type 1 diabetes.

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If your doctor allows you to fast, don’t forget to ask your doctor if you need to check your blood sugar more often or adjust your diabetes medication during and after fasting.

During fasting, you should also pay attention to signs of low blood sugar such as shaking, sweating, or confusion.

If you feel these signs, you should immediately stop fasting and immediately consume sweet foods or drinks so that your blood sugar levels return to normal.

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