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Is it true that eating excess eggs can cause prostate cancer?

Besides being said to cause ulcers, another opinion says that eating eggs too often can cause prostate cancer. Does the information match medical facts? Check out the full explanation below.

Is it true that eating excess eggs can cause prostate cancer?

The Link between Eggs and Prostate Cancer Risk

A study revealed that eating lots of eggs has a risk of causing prostate cancer, a type of cancer that occurs in the prostate gland.

The study found that the participants involved in this study consumed three eggs a week.

In addition, according to this study egg consumption can also increase the risk of death in men from prostate cancer.

The researchers suspect that this is related to the presence of cholesterol and choline in eggs which seem to trigger an increased risk of cancer.

Even though eating eggs is associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer, the claim still needs further research to confirm its clinical validity.

So, do you need to stop consuming eggs to avoid prostate cancer? Some experts suggest to be more careful when you want to eat eggs, especially for adults. However, it also does not recommend reducing egg intake to avoid prostate cancer.

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Some Myths About Eggs

Apart from the notion that eggs are related to the risk of prostate cancer, there is some other information that is developing in the community related to eggs, including:

1. Egg shell color is more brown, much healthier

Many people think that the browner the color of the eggshell, the higher the nutritional content in it. In fact, shell color and nutrition have nothing to do with it.

Eggs with dark or light colored shells have the same nutritional levels, except that the eggs have been labeled with added omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Eggs are not good for heart health

Eating eggs every day is considered to be harmful to heart health because they contain fat or cholesterol.

Please note, in one large egg yolk there are about 186 milligrams of cholesterol. Meanwhile, the maximum daily cholesterol requirement is 300 milligrams.

In fact, the American Heart Association recommends consuming about four eggs each week. Meanwhile, for someone who already has a high risk of developing this disease, consumption can be limited to around two eggs per week.

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3. Eggs Increase Weight

Many people on a diet program choose to avoid eating eggs. In fact, eggs can actually help you lose weight.

The content in one egg stores 70 grams of calories, 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. Consuming it will actually help the body fill up more easily when eating.

This will prevent you from being easily tempted to eat unhealthy snacks or prevent overeating. That way it will be easier for you to lose weight.

4. Raw Eggs Are Healthier Than Cooked Eggs

There is an assumption that eating raw eggs will get far more healthful benefits. In fact, consuming raw eggs has the potential to increase the risk of poisoning due to Salmonella bacteria.

Indeed, the process of cooking eggs can reduce levels of vitamins and minerals. However, there are differences in the levels of vitamins and minerals that are not too big.

For example, eating a raw egg will get you 147 mg of choline and 0.85 micrograms of vitamin B6. Meanwhile, a cooked egg has 117 mg of choline and 0.72 micrograms of vitamin B6.

Even cooked eggs tend to have higher protein levels. In addition, the protein content in cooked eggs also tends to be easier for the body to digest compared to the protein in raw eggs.

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