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Is it true that eating bread after eating rice can prevent diabetes?

Excessive consumption of carbohydrates has a bad effect on blood sugar. However, there is an assumption that eating bread after rice in close proximity is good for blood sugar. Is that right? Check out the review below.

Is it true that eating bread after eating rice can prevent diabetes?

Can Eating Bread After Rice Prevent Diabetes?

A study published in BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care revealed that eating bread close to eating rice can help control blood sugar levels. That means this habit can help you prevent diabetes.

Meanwhile, another study involving participants with type 2 diabetes also revealed the same findings, eating bread after rice can actually control blood sugar levels. It’s just that this claim is also accompanied by a note that the intake of fiber, protein and other nutrients must be balanced every day.

Even so, researchers also haven’t really found a reason why blood sugar levels can be maintained in balance after eating bread and rice in close time.

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Basically, every food does have a different level of digestion depending on its nutritional content. Once food is digested, depending on factors such as fiber content, fat, and the type of carbohydrate (simple or complex), the process of breakdown and digestion begins.

Apart from some of the research above, it would be nice to consult a doctor if you want to eat bread after rice. This is to prevent health problems that might happen to you.

In order to prevent diabetes, doctors usually recommend not to eat food and drinks that are rich in sugar and calories.

In addition, make sure to exercise diligently to burn calories, don’t overeat, maintain an ideal body weight, always have breakfast, and avoid fatty and greasy foods.

By adopting a healthier lifestyle, the risk of getting diabetes can be reduced.

Tips on Eating Rice for Diabetics

Even though rice is included in a high glycemic index food, here are some tips for consuming it so that sugar levels remain normal, including:

Avoid white rice and switch to healthier types of rice. Several types of rice are suitable for diabetics, namely brown rice, basmati, and wild rice. These three types have higher nutrition compared to plain white rice.

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If you used to eat a full plate of white rice before, then try reducing the portion of rice to half or three quarters for a few days.

Also, avoid frying rice as this can cause insulin resistance and increase complications for diabetics.

  • Avoid consumption while still hot

Hot rice has a higher glycemic index than cold rice. Room temperature rice has resistant starch which can help keep blood sugar levels from rising quickly and help control blood sugar.

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