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Is it true that catfish contain cancer cells? These are the Facts

Catfish is a type of fish that is widely consumed and easy to find. However, there are rumors that catfish can cause cancer. Is this information true? Check out the facts below.

Is it true that catfish contain cancer cells?  These are the Facts

Is it true that catfish contain cancer cells?

An information says that eating one mouthful of catfish is not good for health because it contains cancer cells. Is consuming it harmful to health?

It should be noted, the quality of catfish is strongly influenced by the quality of the water in its environment. These fish tend to attract fat-soluble chemical compounds from the environment to their own bodies. If catfish live in an environment that is polluted with chemicals, then catfish are also polluted.

A research conducted by University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences find a substance that can mimic the hormone estrogen in the body of catfish, especially those that live in an environment polluted by industrial waste.

Substances that resemble the hormone estrogen can trigger the development of breast cancer cells more quickly. In addition, consumption of contaminated catfish can also cause an increased risk of endocrine problems.

Until now, the exact cause of cancer is not known. Experts know that cancer can occur due to changes or mutations in DNA. Exposure to chemicals is one of the causes of DNA mutations.

Meanwhile, the contaminants in the body of catfish will also automatically enter the body when consumed. This can explain that catfish does not contain cancer cells, but the body can attract chemical contaminants that can increase the risk of cancer.

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Is it safe to eat catfish?

Catfish is a food source that is low in calories, high in protein, and can be a source of nutrition. Some of the nutrients present in catfish include vitamin B12, selenium, omega-3, and omega-6.

If you look at the nutritional content, catfish is a healthy food ingredient. Until now there is also no research that can prove that catfish contain cancer cells.

However, keep in mind that catfish can attract contaminants into their bodies. Therefore, you need to be careful when consuming it.

You are advised to consume livestock catfish. In general, farmed catfish tend to live in cleaner environments and contain fewer contaminants.

In the end, until now there has been no research that can prove that catfish contain cancer cells. However, catfish tend to absorb chemicals from their habitat. If these chemicals enter the body, the risk of cancer can increase.

Things to Look For When Consuming Catfish

Catfish does contain many nutrients that are useful for the body, but the method of cooking catfish also affects its nutritional content.

How to cook catfish will significantly affect the value of calories, fat, and the amount of sodium. Although you often find catfish processed by frying, there are actually several other ways that can help reduce the number of calories in catfish.

You can process it by grilling, baking, or frying it with just a little oil.

If you are still unsure about chemical contamination in catfish, you can buy raw catfish at catfish farmers who are guaranteed to be clean.

Catfish can be a food choice that is high in protein and good fat but low in calories.

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