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Is it true that brown sugar is healthier for diabetics?

Brown sugar is a type of sweetener made from sugarcane extract. This sweetener is considered safer than white sugar. Is this claim true? Check out the full facts in the following review.

Is it true that brown sugar is healthier for diabetics?

Is Brown Sugar Safer for Diabetics?

Brown sugar and white sugar (white granulated sugar) is actually both made from sugar cane. The difference, on brown sugar with added molasses.

Molasses is one of the ingredients for making sugar. The main ingredient can come from sugar cane or sugar beet. It’s just that the molasses used in brown sugar sourced from sugarcane.

In addition to giving a brown color, this content increases the content of vitamins and minerals in brown sugar higher than that of white sugar.

According to Food DataCentral US Department of Agriculturethe content of carbohydrates and calories inside brown sugar slightly lower than white sugar. This is what triggers the allegation that the use of this sugar is better for diabetics (diabetics).

Keep in mind, carbohydrates will be broken down into sugar in the body. So, if it enters the body quite a lot, an increase in blood sugar can occur. Therefore, carbohydrate intake for diabetics must be limited.

However, the nutritional facts are between brown sugar with white sugar not much different. The slightest difference in nutrition between the two will not affect health significantly. Therefore, it is assumed that the use brown sugar for diabetics healthier is not true.

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Brown Sugar Keep Triggering Blood Sugar Increase

Diabetics should avoid foods with a high glycemic index (GI). The reason is, this type of food can trigger a drastic spike in blood sugar.

The glycemic index is an indicator to find out how fast or slow a food increases a person’s blood sugar. The GI value is declared low if it is less than 55 (scale 0-100).

Glycemic index in a teaspoon brown sugar it is very low, which is about 3. With this small amount, a drastic spike in blood sugar after consuming it will not occur.

However, if you consume more than one teaspoon, the GI value in the sugar that enters the body is likely to be greater.

Besides that, brown sugar and white sugar consisting of sucrose or table sugar. These are naturally occurring sugars that are often found in vegetables, fruits, and grains. Sucrose is known to have a fairly high glycemic index value, which is around 65.

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Pay Attention to Sugar Intake of Diabetics

In order for diabetics to have their blood sugar under control, be sure to limit their daily sugar intake. The recommended daily sugar intake limit for adults is 30 grams (seven teaspoons).

In addition, you can try sugar substitute sweeteners which are considered safe for people with diabetes, such as:

  • Saccharin.
  • Aspartame.
  • Sucralose.
  • Acesulfame.

It is also important to limit your daily intake of carbohydrates. This will help prevent drastic spikes in blood sugar in the body.

So, usage brown sugar for diabetics is not healthier than regular sugar. The reason is, this type of sugar remains at risk of increasing blood sugar levels in sufferers.

Therefore, it is important to always monitor sugar intake in the body. You can consult a nutritionist or doctor to find out the safe limit for consuming sugar according to your body condition.

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