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Is it safe to consume sweet soy sauce for diabetics?

Diabetics (diabetes) are advised to limit sweet foods and drinks to prevent blood sugar from rising. So, is consumption of sweet soy sauce permissible if someone has diabetes? Find the facts in the following review.

Is it safe to consume sweet soy sauce for diabetics?

Can Diabetics Consume Sweet Soy Sauce?

Sweet soy sauce is commonly used to add flavor to a dish, especially sweet taste. In fact, this one complementary seasoning seems to have become part of the mandatory spices for Indonesian specialties.

Unfortunately, for diabetics who must limit their daily sugar intake, the use of sweet soy sauce is questionable.

Please note that about one teaspoon of sweet soy sauce contains the following ingredients:

  • Calories: 45 kcal.
  • Sodium 659 milligrams.
  • Sugar: 20 grams.
  • Potassium 52 grams.
  • Dietary fiber 0.1 gram.
  • Protein 1 gram.
  • Fat 0.1 gram.

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because sweet soy sauce contains about 20 grams of sugar, this means that its consumption still has the potential to trigger an increase in blood sugar levels in diabetics.

However, the use of sweet soy sauce for diabetics is classified as safe to do, as long as you pay attention to the amount of daily intake and don’t consume it too often. This also applies to other sweet flavourings. This action can help prevent excess sugar intake into the body.

Regarding the safe intake of sweets, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia recommends that daily consumption of sugar should not exceed 50 grams per day. This amount is equivalent to four tablespoons.

Each person’s daily intake limit may be different. Therefore, consult your doctor about the right amount of dosage.

Sweet Soy Sauce Consumption Rules for Diabetics

Excessive consumption of sweet foods—including sweet soy sauce—can cause spikes in blood sugar in diabetics. If this condition is left unchecked, serious complications can occur.

Therefore, in order to use sweet soy sauce to remain safe, you must be careful when consuming it. Some tips to consider include:

  • Always make sure to pay attention to the measure. Do not let, you add too much soy sauce.
  • Pay attention to the sugar content in soy sauce products. Remember that this seasoning has sugar as one of its ingredients.
  • Pay close attention to sugar intake from other food sources. That way, you can prevent excess sugar consumption.
  • If you already eat a lot of sugar, replace high-carb foods with alternatives that contain fewer carbohydrates. For example, use brown rice instead of white rice.

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Now,, now you already know whether or not sweet soy sauce is consumed by diabetics. One thing is certain, sufferers are still allowed to eat something sweet as long as it is according to the rules, both the amount and the frequency of consumption.

So, make sure to know the maximum limit for your daily sugar intake, OK? The best step is to discuss with your doctor about this. Hopefully this information is useful, OK, Healthy Friends!

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