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Is it Important or Not to Have Mental Health Insurance? | Good Doctor

As we all know, nowadays the possibility of a person getting a mental illness is very high. Not only is there pressure from external factors (work and social environment), but some people actually experience it in their own families.

However, it should be noted that having a mental health disorder is no longer a shame. The reason is, this is no longer a taboo subject to talk about, instead it requires help as soon as possible.

This mental health disorder is indeed very dangerous, especially if the sufferer starts to think or act to injure to the point where he intends to take his own life. you know.

The Importance of Mental Health Insurance

mental health insurance

According to MentalHealth. govMental health is a condition that includes a person’s emotional, psychological and social well-being. Where these conditions affect the way you think, feel, and act.

It also helps determine how you handle stress, relate to other people, and make choices.

Mental health is indeed very important at every stage of life, from childhood, youth to adulthood. Throughout your life, if you have a mental health problem, your thinking, mood, and behavior can be affected very quickly. Many factors contribute to mental health problems, such as:

  • Biological factors, such as genes.
  • Life experiences, such as trauma or abuse.
  • Family history of mental health problems.

Even so, this mental health problem is actually common, but there are still many people who underestimate it and think it’s normal. In fact, if you do treatment it can get better and many also manage to recover completely.

Therefore, it is very important for you to prepare mental health insurance. As with other diseases, things related to mental should not be underestimated because they can have an impact on physical health.

Then, How to Maintain Mental Health?

As with physical health, maintaining mental health is also very important. Especially since the pandemic, there have been lots of lifestyle changes which of course require your mind to adapt.

Unknowingly it will also affect mental health. However, don’t worry too much, because you can follow several ways to maintain mental health in the following ways:

1. Regularly Do Physical Activity

The first way you can do regular physical activity like exercise at home. Now there are a lot of them channels Youtube or a fitness center that offers exercise at home in a way stream.

If you regularly do this physical activity, the body will produce endorphins that can relieve stress, repair moodand less worry.

2. Be sure to consume nutritious food

The second way is to make sure to consume nutritious foods that contain protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. So, in addition to regular physical activity, consuming nutritious food also helps our mental health.

3. Stop smoking, alcohol consumption, and staying up late

The third way is to stop three bad habits that can exacerbate mental health conditions such as smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and staying up late.

4. Try to be wise in receiving information

The fourth way, try to be wise in receiving the information you watch, read, or hear, whether it’s from print or news on line. Especially since the pandemic, there has been a lot of scary news that can trigger feelings of anxiety and excessive worry.

Therefore, it’s better to limit the time you receive news about a pandemic and stay wise in digesting the information, OK?

5. Make Sure You Have Mental Health Insurance

The fifth or final way is to make sure to have mental health insurance from an early age. It’s better if you no longer hesitate to ask for professional help if you start to feel like you need someone’s help.

You can contact a psychologist or psychiatrist to help with these mental disorders. Moreover, teleconsultation services with psychologists are now available which can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

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