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Is Frequently Feeling Fatigue a Symptom of Diabetes? Check Here

Easily drowsy and often tired are often identified with diabetes symptoms. However, is fatigue really related to this disease? Check out the full explanation below.

Is Frequently Feeling Fatigue a Symptom of Diabetes?  Check Here

Causes of Diabetics Easily Fatigue

Fatigue can be said to be normal if it is caused by lack of sleep or rest. However, if you often feel weak and tire easily even though you don’t do much physical activity, this might be a sign of a health problem such as diabetes.

People with diabetes often experience excessive fatigue. In general, fatigue in diabetes is closely related to blood sugar levels and insulin production. So, why can feeling tired be a sign of diabetes?

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Glucose or blood sugar is a simple sugar that is used as a source of energy by the body. The muscles of the body always need blood sugar to be able to support all body movements, from walking, running, eating and other activities.

When food enters and is digested by the digestive system, glucose will be absorbed by the stomach and released into the bloodstream to be carried to muscle cells. At the same time, the insulin hormone produced in the pancreas is also released into the bloodstream.

Changes in Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

Meanwhile, in diabetics, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, so the body is unable to use insulin effectively. This causes excess sugar levels in the blood and is the basis for diabetes.

On the one hand, sugar accumulates in the blood, but on the other hand, muscle cells lack sugar as an energy source. This condition triggers feelings of tiredness even though you have eaten and are not doing strenuous activities.

In addition to high blood sugar, blood sugar conditions that are too low can also trigger hypoglycemia, this condition causes the distribution of sugar to cells to be very limited, causing fatigue.

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However, the diagnosis of diabetes cannot actually be stated by complaints of feeling tired alone. Fatigue, a sign of diabetes, usually comes with other symptoms, such as frequent thirst even though you have drunk a lot, always feeling hungry, frequent pins and needles, itchy skin, and blurred vision.

In the end, complaints of weakness or frequent fatigue are not always a sign of diabetes, it could just be caused by other health problems. Therefore, check with your doctor to get a more definite diagnosis.

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