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How Effectively Can Breast Milk Kill Cancer Cells?

Mother’s milk or breast milk contains a number of important nutrients that are useful for meeting the nutritional needs of children. Not only that, research has even found that breast milk can treat cancer. Check out the full explanation in the following review.

How Effectively Can Breast Milk Kill Cancer Cells?

Breastfeeding Facts Can Reduce Cancer Risk

Breast milk has tremendous health benefits. Not only can it support the physical development as well as the baby’s intelligence to the maximum, breast milk also has the ability to heal.

A 1995 study in Sweden found interesting facts about the ability of breast milk to kill cancer cells. According to research led by Professor Catharina Svanborg, this potential efficacy comes from a component of breast milk.

The researchers tested it by smearing breast milk on healthy cells and cancer cells. As a result, cancer cells smeared with breast milk were found to be destroyed. Meanwhile, on healthy cells, smearing breast milk does not have a negative impact.

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In addition, these findings also claim that laboratory tests that have been carried out by researchers have been proven. The findings include the effects of breast milk on various types of cancer cells and the therapeutic effects in animals with brain tumors, colon and bladder cancers.

The potential of breast milk to kill cancer cells is thought to come from the content of alpha-lactalbumin, a substance that is only contained in breast milk. The complex of alpha-lactalbumin and fatty acids (usually oleic acid) in breast milk is known as Alpha-Lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor Cells or HAMLETS.

Meanwhile, another study revealed that, as many as 8 out of 9 patients who were given the synthetic drug alpha-lactalbumin complex excreted tumor cells through the urine after 2 hours of drug administration.

Other studies also reveal the same thing. A total of 40 participants who were patients with urinary cancer were given an alpha-lactalbumin complex drug. As a result, 20 participants removed tumor cells through urine.

Can HAMLET Be a Cancer Cure?

Knowing the potential of breast milk to kill cancer cells, then can HAMLET be a cancer drug in the future?

In this regard, HAMLET has been tested as an anti-cancer drug. According to Lori Feldman-Winter from Cooper University Hospital, New Jersey, there is research showing that the benefits of breast milk also have the potential to cure cancer.

If later ASI or HAMLET cells are used for cancer treatment, the availability of ASI must be a concern.

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According to Dr. Deborah Tuttle of the Breast Milk Bank at Christiana Hospital, Newark, Delaware, has her own concerns about that. This is because the limited amount makes breastfeeding only prioritized for premature babies and vulnerable babies.

Not to mention there are products that claim to be used for cancer therapy. This too should not go unnoticed.

Now, thus the facts about breast milk that can kill cancer cells. It turns out that breastfeeding is not only beneficial for providing nutrition for your little one and building bonding between mother and child.

More than that, breast milk has a promising potential for treating cancer. Even so, research on the use of ASI or HAMLET cells still requires further review research.

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