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Here are 5 Sports Tips During Fasting that You Should Try | Good Doctor

Changes in eating and sleeping patterns during fasting certainly need adjustments, especially when coupled with regular sports activities. But, not just any sport, you need to know how to exercise tips when fasting properly.

Staying active in sports activities also turns out to provide many benefits to the body you know. What are the benefits and tips for exercising during fasting? Here comes the explanation.

Benefits of Exercise During Fasting

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Research quoted from Hamad Medical Corporation, shows there is a negative impact on people who fast 30 days without doing any physical activity at all.

This impact can also result in decreased strength and fitness. This is a strong reason you should stay active during Ramadan fasting.

Here are some of the benefits you can get if you keep doing sports during fasting.

1. Burn more fat

Reported Healthline, Chelsea Amengual, manager of Fitness Programming & Nutrition mentioning exercise during fasting can burn more fat.

Because, when fasting carbohydrate stores are called glycogen will surely run out because it is converted into energy.

When carbohydrate reserves run out, the body will process more fat to be converted into energy. This point must be encouraging, right?

Because it’s not uncommon for people to gain weight during Ramadan due to uncontrolled eating patterns.

2. Maximize the metabolic system

During fasting our body’s metabolic system does slow down its performance due to reduced frequency of eating.

As discussed in the previous point, fat is the body’s main fuel when fasting. With exercise you can increase lean muscle mass.

Reported from IslamiCity Org, it can increase our body’s metabolic rate. And allows the body to burn more calories while resting.

Sports tips during fasting to stay fit

To be able to get the benefits of exercise during fasting, there are a number of things you should pay attention to. Starting from the selection of hours of exercise to the type of exercise performed.

Here are some exercise tips while fasting.

1. Do it regularly

Hamad Medical Corporation advises us to exercise regularly during Ramadan fasting.

The duration is approximately 30 minutes per day. It is best done in a place with room temperature.

Do not do it in a hot or hot place, because it can cause dehydration.

2. Tips for selecting exercise time during fasting

Selection of sports time during fasting. Photo source:

Maybe you are confused about when is the right time to exercise during fasting. There are 2 choices, before breaking the fast or after breaking the fast.

If you choose before breaking your fast, you should not exercise for more than 60 minutes. Do it in a normal temperature place about 1-2 hours before opening time.

When breaking the fast, drink enough water to replace the minerals and fluids lost during exercise. After that, don’t forget to get enough rest.

So, how about choosing exercise after breaking the fast? It is better to do sports 3 hours after breaking the fast.

At this stage the body’s digestive system has finished doing its work. Like the previous point, do sports in a place with normal temperature.

3. Tips for selecting the type of exercise during fasting

In addition to timing, the type of exercise we choose is also important. It’s best to avoid high-tension sports that require a lot of energy.

Especially if you choose to exercise before breaking the fast, and the weather is hot. This can cause more body fluids to be lost.

You can choose light sports such as gymnastics, yoga, running or cycling. Reported from Evolve Dailyyou can also try martial arts.

Self-defense is able to train speed and familiarize yourself with low and high intensity training. But the most important thing is to know yourself.

You can choose a sport that feels like you can do it.

4. Determining the menu at dawn and breaking the fast

Eat healthy while fasting. Photo source :

If you want to exercise to the maximum, don’t forget to pay attention to your diet. Don’t forget to meet your fluid needs at dawn and breaking the fast.

Reported from IslamiCity Org, At dawn, it is recommended to eat foods that are high in protein, carbohydrates and good fats. Good fats play a role in the process of building muscle.

Meanwhile, the moment of breaking the fast is the right time to rehydrate. Dates are highly recommended for consumption you know.

Because dates contain potassium very high. Potassium are special minerals and carbohydrates that are key in the rehydration process.

5. Stop exercising when this condition appears

What is planned does not always go well. Even though the intention of the heart is so eager to exercise, the body may feel tired.

You should immediately stop exercising if you feel symptoms such as:

  • Dizzy.
  • Nauseous.
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pain in the chest.

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