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Healthy Iftar Menu, These are Foods that Can and Should be Avoided | Good Doctor

A healthy iftar menu must be chosen appropriately because the body needs adequate intake to restore energy. When you choose the wrong food to break your fast, it can cause stomach pain, discomfort, and even lethargy.

Not only that, controlling the food that enters the body when breaking the fast is also needed. So, to find out more about the healthy iftar menu, let’s see the following explanation.

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What are the healthy iftar menus that can be followed?

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When fasting, dehydration and hunger will occur because the body slows down its metabolism so you need to use energy as efficiently as possible. To recharge after a day of fasting, a healthy iftar menu must be chosen appropriately.

The diet during the fasting month also needs to be regulated so that you don’t eat the wrong foods which can actually result in weight gain. Some healthy iftar menus that can be followed include the following:

1. Drinks with natural sugar

Reported from when breaking the fast for the first time, it is advisable to consume lots of fluids. Liquids or water can provide hydration without added calories or sugar.

Drinks made from milk and fruit also provide natural nutrition so they are good for breaking the fast.

Please note, fruit juices or mixed drinks, such as smoothies can provide the body with nutrients because they contain copper, manganese, potassium, and fiber without overloading the digestive process.

2. Dried fruits

The menu for breaking the fast that has been recommended for a long time is dry fruit, such as dates. This is because dates provide natural sugars for energy, provide minerals such as potassium, copper and manganese, and are a source of fiber.

Apart from dates, you can also try other dried fruits such as apricots, figs, raisins or prunes because they provide fiber and good nutrition for the body. Some of these fruits can help you feel full for many hours throughout the day.

3. The menu for breaking the fast is healthy, one of which is soup

Apart from dried fruit, other iftar menus that are quite light and easy are traditional soups. These soups are usually made from a meat broth and often contain beans or lentils.

Consuming soup to break your fast after a long day of starving can help replace fluids and restore energy in the body. Therefore, make sure to include soup in your daily healthy iftar menu, OK?

Is there an iftar menu that should be avoided?

After breaking the fast, it is important to ensure that the food consumed provides a balance. Therefore, there are several foods that must be avoided when breaking the fast, namely in the form of:

– Soft drink

Many types of sugar, including fructose, are used as sweeteners in juices or fizzy drinks. This is because carbonated drinks can cause gas, which can trigger discomfort, especially after breaking the fast.

– Fatty foods

The iftar menu that should be avoided is fatty foods, such as fried foods. Consuming fatty foods for breaking the fast excessively can make it difficult for the body to digest so that it can cause other health problems.

Tips that need to be done when breaking the fast

When consuming a healthy iftar menu, you also need to know the right tips to keep your stomach feeling comfortable. Some tips for breaking the fast that you can apply, as follows:

– Eat slowly

To break the fast, start by eating soft foods and do it slowly. Also consume food in small portions so that it is easily digested and does not burden digestion.

– Don’t overeat

Overeating between fasting periods is very easy to do. Fasting is not designed to be an excuse for eating unhealthy foods. For that, make sure not to overeat because it can eliminate the true benefits of fasting.

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