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Gym Exercises During Fasting, What are the things to pay attention to? | Good Doctor

For those of you who like to exercise in the gym during fasting, you must be wondering whether this activity can be done during fasting. This question is commonplace, because these two activities both drain stamina.

But did you know, based on research, going to the gym, or other physical activities that are done while fasting can actually maintain muscle mass.

On the one hand, fasting as an activity that makes us not eat and drink for a certain period of time actually makes us lose weight.

Therefore, this research actually recommends you to do physical activity to maintain muscles during fasting.

Physical activity such as going to the gym during fasting also has the benefit of keeping the body healthy and fit.

With this activity, you can improve blood flow and flex the muscles in your body. Your heart will be more active and more oxygen will be inhaled.

However, there is concern if exercising or other physical activity during the fasting month can reduce body fluids/dehydration. If in this condition then you have to wait for the time to break the fast to refill the fluids in your body.

Compiled from various sources, we have tips regarding physical activity in the gym that you can follow during this fasting month.

Exercise in the gym when fasting is suitable to do in the afternoon

When your body lacks fluids due to dehydration, the function of your organs is disrupted. Therefore, strenuous physical activity such as going to the gym should be done in the afternoon.

The right time is half to one hour before breaking the fast. Thus, you don’t have to wait too long to drink as needed.

This step is also useful for replacing fluids or sweat that is released by the body during physical activity.

Don’t delay drinking, because this also functions to lower your body temperature which increases due to physical activity.

Exercise at the gym at night, give a break after breaking the fast

gym while fasting

If you are too busy in the evening to prepare iftar meals, your practice can be postponed after breaking the fast.

However, you have to give a break of two hours after you fill your stomach. This is important so that the digestive organs have enough time to digest what comes in.

What you need to remember, our bodies also need time to rest. It’s best to stop doing physical activity three hours before going to bed.

Give your body time to recover so you can have breakfast the next day.

Lower the intensity of exercise during the fasting month

During fasting, it is recommended that you do 40% to 50% less physical activity than you normally do.

For example, if you usually spend one to two hours at the gym, you can just do it for half to one hour.

Even so with the frequency, if you are used to exercising up to 4 times a week, you can reduce it to just twice.

The physical activity you do should not be too strenuous, because it will drain a lot of your energy and potentially make you dehydrated.

Understand body condition

The physical activities that you do anywhere during fasting should not be too strenuous. You have to be good at seeing the alarms given by your body.

If the feeling of weakness and thirst is disturbing enough, this is the language of your body which shows symptoms of a lack of fluids or blood sugar.

In that condition, you should not do strenuous physical activity first.

Choose food wisely during fasting

After physical activity, of course you have to also think about the food intake that you will consume when breaking the fast or sahur. During this period, you should be able to choose foods that can maintain muscle mass.

The recommended meal is one that contains high amounts of carbohydrates and protein. So that the muscles and cells of your body get food and avoid a decrease due to excessive hunger.

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Try to make your food composition 15% protein, 20% to 25% fat and the rest is carbohydrates. If you go to the gym at night, then you can eat that type of food one hour after your activities.

At dawn, eat foods that are higher in fiber and fat. This is to maintain health and regularity of disposal.

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