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Get to know Term Pregnancy and its Benefits for Mothers and Fetuses

Approaching the birth process, it’s only natural if you feel anxious waiting for the birth of the baby. You definitely want a normal birth with a healthy baby, right? But before that, did you know the term term pregnancy? Get to know more about term labor here!

Get to know Term Pregnancy and its Benefits for Mothers and Fetuses

What is Term Pregnancy?

Term pregnancy is the term used to describe normal gestational age. According to the National Health Service (NHS)alias normal pregnancy full-term occurs between 38 and 42 weeks.

Meanwhile, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) state that a good pregnancy lasts until full term, which is between 39 weeks 0 days and 40 weeks 6 to 7 days.

You need to know, the time span is one week before and one week after the due date (HPL).

There are a number of terms for term pregnancies depending on the age of the baby, according to ACOG and SMFM, including:

  • early term: 37 weeks, 0 days, and 38 weeks, 6 days.
  • Full term: 39 weeks, 0 days, and 40 weeks, 6 days.
  • Late term: 41 weeks, 0 days, and 41 weeks, 6 days.
  • Post term: 42 weeks, 0 days.

If the baby is born early, the pregnancy is classified as premature. Here are the details:

  • Very premature baby: birth 23-28 weeks.
  • Moderately premature baby: birth 29-33 weeks.
  • Late birth premature babies: birth 34-37 weeks.

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Benefits of Getting a Term Pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy will help you get a term pregnancy. With enough gestation time, the baby’s organs will develop more fully. Not only for the little ones, full-term Pregnancy can also provide its own benefits for the mother.

The following are a number of benefits of term pregnancy for mother and baby:

1. Gets Better Labor

One of the benefits of term gestational age is a better delivery process. Because the baby is ready to be born.

Longer gestational age may require induction. Launch Mayo Cliniccif the gestational age is closer than two weeks to the due date, induction of labor may be needed.

Labor induction is the process of stimulating uterine contractions before natural contractions occur. This process will cause stronger and more frequent contractions.

In the end, these conditions will impact on labor complications. Launch sharpinduction will increase the risk that the uterus cannot contract normally after delivery so that more bleeding can appear.

2. Reducing the Risk of Health Problems

Babies born during the term period have lower health risks than babies born earlier or later than that time period.

Meanwhile, babies born before 39 weeks (less than full-term) have a greater chance of experiencing health problems, such as:

  • Breathing problems.
  • Low blood sugar.
  • Other health problems that require special care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Generally, health problems in babies born prematurely include:

  • Respiratory disorders.
  • Jaundice.
  • Problems eating due to difficulty sucking or swallowing.
  • A smaller and less developed brain.

3. Baby’s Organs Develop Perfectly

According to research, the increase in gestational age every week affects the health of the baby in the womb. Therefore, sufficient gestational age can reduce health risks to the baby.

This condition is related to the organs of the fetus that are still developing. Gestational age full-term will give time for the organs of the body to develop perfectly.

You need to know, the brain is the baby’s last organ to grow. If you are 35 weeks pregnant, your baby’s brain weighs only two-thirds of the weight of a baby born at 40 weeks.

Knowing these facts, you certainly realize that term gestational age can reduce the risk of health problems in the baby. Conversely, babies who are born less than that time have a greater health risk.

4. Provide Convenience during the Breastfeeding Process

The benefit of term pregnancy for the next fetus is to help the breastfeeding process. This is related to eating problems that often occur in babies born early.

Babies born at a sufficient age tend to suck and swallow more easily. This is because your little one will get enough time to learn to breathe, suck, and swallow. The time needed for all of these processes is about 34 to 36 weeks.

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How To Get A Term Pregnancy

Maintained health of mother and baby will increase the chances of a term pregnancy occurring. Therefore, follow these tips so that the pregnancy is always healthy:

Meeting your little one’s nutritional needs, maintaining health, paying attention to pregnancy restrictions, and being active are some of the ways you can adopt a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

If you have habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, avoid them during pregnancy. This habit is related to the risk of stunting the growth of the fetus in the womb.

Pregnant women often experience sadness that leads to depression. In order not to have an impact on pregnancy, deal with stress immediately.

There are several ways you can do this, such as yoga and meditation. If the impact of stress is out of control, even endangering the mother and fetus, don’t delay consulting a psychologist.

  • Check Content Routinely

Another important thing that you should pay attention to in order to get a normal delivery time is routine control of the womb. Thus, you can monitor the growth and development of the fetus.

Regular content checks also help early treatment if there are obstacles to growth and development.

Now, that’s the explanation about term pregnancy and its benefits. In order to obtain full-term pregnancy, follow the tips above. If you feel there is a problem with pregnancy, immediately consult an obstetrician.

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