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Food Abstinence for Lymph Node Sufferers

Lymph nodes or in the medical world known as lymphadenopathy is a condition where there is swelling of the lymph nodes. If you have this condition, there are some foods that should be avoided. What are the foods that cannot be eaten? Check out the list in the following review.

Food Abstinence for Lymph Node Sufferers

Foods to Avoid Lymph Node Patients

The following are foods that need to be avoided by someone who has lymph node disease, including:

1. Fast Food

Fast food generally contains high saturated fat, added sugar, high salt, and preservatives.

A study revealed, excessive salt consumption can trigger a decrease in the immune system. As a result, the body’s ability to fight bacterial infections decreases. this condition potentially cause swollen lymph nodes.

2. Excessive Caffeine Consumption

Although the antioxidant content in coffee is useful for fighting inflammation, if you consume it excessively it can have a negative impact.

Excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks such as coffee can causes dehydration and interferes with healthy lymphatic drainage.

Also, caffeine can also block the absorption of certain vitamins, minerals, and drugs so that the immune system can be disrupted.

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3. Fried

Fried foods generally contain high levels of trans fats and saturated fats, which can increase inflammation and reduce the response of the body’s immune system.

If you eat fried foods in excess without being balanced with sufficient omega-3 fatty acids, it can trigger a weakened immune system and cause swollen lymph nodes.

Healthy Food for People with Lymph Node Disease

Apart from avoiding various foods as above, you also need to eat some healthy foods to prevent swelling of the lymph nodes, including:

1. Foods High in Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for keeping the immune system strong and healthy. The healthier the immune system, the better the body can fight viruses and bacteria; while maintaining the health of the lymphatic system.

The following are food choices that contain protein sources:

  • Chicken breast.
  • Tuna and salmon
  • Soy-containing foods such as tempeh and tofu.
  • Nuts like almonds and peanut butter.

2. Foods Containing Vitamin C

Eating foods that contain vitamin C can help prevent infection problems and speed healing. Here are some foods rich in vitamin C:

  • Pineapple.
  • Orange .
  • Kiwi.
  • Guava.
  • Variety of berries like strawberries, blueberriesand others
  • Watermelon.
  • Broccoli.
  • Cauliflower.
  • Peppers.
  • Green vegetables like spinach and kale.

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3. Foods Containing Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that can help produce new immune system cells. You need to know, low zinc levels are also related to weak immune system function. Some foods that are high in zinc are:

  • Oyster.
  • Peas.
  • Beans.
  • Cashew nut.
  • Yogurt.

4. Foods Containing Vitamin B6

Apart from vitamin C, an important source of vitamins for the lymph nodes is vitamin B6. Lack of nutritional intake of vitamin B6 can prevent the production of immune system cells known as lymphocytes.

Though these cells can help the lymph nodes in fighting infection. Food choices that contain sources of vitamin B6 are salmon, potatoes, bananas, and sweet potatoes.

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Tips to Prevent Swollen Lymph Nodes

Here are some tips you can do to prevent swollen lymph nodes, including:

  1. Wash your hands frequently, especially after outdoor activities.
  2. Avoid the habit of touching your nose and eyes.
  3. Do not make contact with people who are sick.
  4. Routinely disinfect the area of ​​the house.
  5. Enough rest.
  6. Eat healthy food.
  7. Exercise regularly.

Now, those are some foods that are taboo for people with lymph nodes. Apart from avoiding some of the foods above, you should also balance it by consuming healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

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