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Drastic weight loss during fasting, a sign of health problems?

Apart from being a good time for Muslims to pray, fasting is also a good time to lose weight. However, is it natural if this weight loss occurs very drastically? Check out the explanation in the following review.

Drastic weight loss during fasting, a sign of health problems?

Is it Dangerous to Lose Weight Drastically while Fasting?

Health experts call it normal to lose weight during fasting, but this decrease is usually not too drastic, around 1 or 2 kilograms.

However, if you have lost more than a reasonable number of pounds, you should be aware of more serious health problems, such as gallstones, malnutrition, and decreased metabolism.

Need to know, cancer and tuberculosis can cause drastic weight loss so that the sufferer has a very thin body.

Sometimes the early symptoms of health problems are not so obvious that they are often not recognized. When the weight drops drastically, generally a person realizes that something is wrong with his health condition.

In addition to physical disorders, drastic weight loss during fasting can also be caused by psychological disorders such as depression. Like any physical illness, not everyone is aware that they have depression.

One thing is certain, depression can significantly reduce appetite which eventually results in drastic weight loss in a short time.

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Diseases That Can Trigger Drastic Weight Loss

Weight loss of more than 5 percent of the original weight should be be alert immediately because it could be associated with serious health problems. Here are some health problems that can cause drastic weight loss, including:

This health problem can actually make the metabolic system run very quickly so that the body’s energy will also run out more quickly.

This makes the body finally look for new sources of energy by burning fat deposits in the body, so it can make weight loss quickly.

Hyperthyroid sufferers usually still have a normal appetite. It’s just that, even though the sufferer has consumed enough food, the weight still drops dramatically.

Sufferer diabetes have high blood sugar levels. For normal people, the existence of this blood sugar level means that there are many sources of energy that can be used, but for diabetics, this blood sugar level cannot be converted into energy due to disruption of the insulin response in the body.

This blood sugar is ultimately only disposed of through urination and the body instead looks for energy sources from fat and muscle piles. This condition can make sufferers lose weight drastically.

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Intestinal inflammation or inflammatory bowel disease occurs because the immune system reacts abnormally to a trigger; for example viruses or bacteria, which then cause inflammation of the digestive tract.

This health problem turns out to make the body unable to manage energy properly. In addition, this digestive disorder will also make your appetite decrease dramatically so that it will help you lose weight faster.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can make a person experience severe inflammation, decreased immunity, and a chronic cough that can drain energy. This condition can make sufferers experience weight loss.

In the end, losing weight while fasting is something natural. However, this condition can turn out to be unnatural if the weight drops drastically in a short time. Therefore, immediately consult a doctor to find out the exact cause.

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