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Not only for women, the appearance of pimples can make men suddenly feel insecure about their appearance. no doubt effective acne remedy much sought after to get rid of skin disorders on the face.

Why acne should not be ignored and is there any effective acne remedy to get rid of pimples especially those that appear on the face? Continue reading the article below.

Why Acne Should Be Treated?

Acne or the medical term acne vulgaris is a skin disorder that is common in adolescents. But this can even be experienced by children and adults. In the past, acne was considered a normal condition as a sign of a child’s transition to maturity, so it didn’t need to be treated.

But over time, the appearance of acne cannot be ignored and left in the hope that it will go away on its own. Launching research titled ‘An update on the management of acne vulgaris’ mentioned, dermatologists assert that acne and acne scars can leave a greater psychological impact on individuals who have acne.

Joint research University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Miami VA Hospital in the United States writes, the appearance of acne or acne scars can have an impact on reducing self-image and the quality of life of someone who experiences it. Even this is equated with the psychological impact of suffering from asthma and epilepsy.

Since acne and acne scars can have an impact on a person’s low self-esteem to the point of depression and anxiety, it is important which one to choose effective acne remedy of the many acne medication products that are sold freely in the market.

How to Overcome Acne, Is There Effective Acne Medication?

Talking about treating acne, one cannot ignore the medicinal traditions of ancient Egypt where sulfur was the most commonly used ingredient to treat acne.

Now, a number of treatments to treat acne include topical, oral and therapeutic procedures. Even with the times and advances in medical technology, acne can be treated with a series of laser and lighting procedures.

Launch UpToDateingredients that are used to treat acne and can perhaps be said as effective acne remedy like:

1.Benzoyl peroxide (BP)

Including effective acne medication with efficacy levels reaching 30-40 percent. Has antibacterial properties and inhibits the formation of blackheads. Long-term use, BP also does not cause anti-bacterial resistance so it is safe to use. BP is available as an over-the-counter (OTC) drug as well as by prescription. The formulation is available in the form of gel or cream.

2. Topical antibiotics

Like clindamycin and erythromycin it works by inhibiting the protein synthesis of ropionibacterium acnes. This protein is responsible for converting sebum into free fatty acids which then stimulate the body’s immune response.

3.Topical sulfur and sodium sulfacetamide

Sulfur has anti-bacterial properties and dries up pimples quickly. Meanwhile, sodium sulfacetamide has anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Topical azelaic acid

Treat acne by inhibiting protein synthesis.

5. Topical retinoids

Has anti-inflammatory properties. Its mechanism of action is to break down whiteheads and blackheads, it also prevents clogging of pores.

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Choose Effective Acne MedicationThis is the Product

Acne cannot be ignored, even when it is dry, acne can leave scars. Because its appearance often makes a person insecure and even anxious and depressed, make sure you choose effective acne remedy

To treat acne, you can rely on the product OXY 5 Gel effective against acne-causing bacteria. This dye and fragrance free product contains 5 percent Benzoyl Peroxide (BP).

Mechanism of action of BP as effective acne remedy namely:

– As an antimicrobial that kills acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin and hair follicles

– Mild exfoliant, which prevents clogging of pores due to accumulation of dead skin cells

– Sebustatic which reduces excess oil production

As an anti-inflammatory, which reduces inflammation of acne.

Usage dosage OXY 5 Gel over-the-counter (OTC) ie 2.5-10 percent. Apply the dose gradually, starting from 2.5 percent for comedonal acne, 5 percent for inflammatory acne, then increase the dose as needed. Apply a thin layer, especially at night, avoiding the corner of the eye, fold of the nose and corners of the lips. You stay safe using moisturizer and sunblock.

Keep prioritizing the prevention of acne on the face by diligently washing your face with a selection of facial cleansing products, namely OXY Acne Cleanser Facial Wash, OXY Perfect Wash And OXY Deep Wash.

OXY Acne Cleanser Facial Wash for oily and acne skin. Has six preventive actions, namely:

  1. Fight acne with triple anti-bacterial content, namely isopropyl methylphenol, triclosan, and salicylic acid
  1. Clean dirt in the skin pores and remove dead skin cells
  1. Reducing excess oil on the face causes acne
  1. Contains vitamin E which moisturizes facial skin
  1. The bisabolol content to calm the face with acne
  1. The content of vitamin C helps lighten acne scars.

OXY Perfect Wash has a facial cooling effect suitable for oily skin and reduces oil on the face. Temporary OXY Deep Wash for optimal clean faces because of the content charcoal And micro beads.

Don’t choose wrong effective acne remedy should use OXY 5 Gel and to prevent acne, choose the right facial soap, namely OXY Acne Cleanser Facial Wash, OXY Perfect Wash or OXY Deep Wash according to your skin type.

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