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Don’t be underestimated, these are 8 dangers if you sleep too long

Sleep is indeed a necessity. However, if it is too long, this activity can cause health problems. What are the dangers of sleeping too long that can happen? Check out the following reviews.

Don't be underestimated, these are 8 dangers if you sleep too long

Effects of Most Sleep on Health

Everyone’s sleep needs will be different. However, in general, the recommended sleep time is 7-8 hours each night.

Sleeping more than the recommended time, even up to 9 hours is known as hypersomnia. Instead of increasing productivity, this habit actually causes drowsiness during the day.

The reasons why someone sleeps too long vary, ranging from sleep disturbances to certain health problems.

Even though it seems trivial, there are a number of dangers of sleeping too long that you should know, including:

1. Headache

One of the effects of sleeping too long is headaches, especially if you were prone to experiencing this condition before. The reason is, a lot of sleep will affect neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin.

In addition, when you sleep a lot during the day, night time sleep can be disrupted. As a result, you wake up with a headache.

2. Back Pain

A sore back can be one of the dangers of sleeping too much. The trigger is sleeping position.

If you sleep in the same position all night, your chances of experiencing back pain in the morning increase.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the dangers of sleeping too long. This condition occurs when the body cannot process sugar into energy resulting in a buildup of sugar in the blood.

One of the trigger factors for this disease is sleep disturbance; both sleep deprivation and oversleeping. A number of studies have demonstrated this fact.

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4. Obesity

A health problem that can occur as a result of sleeping too long is obesity. Not only oversleeping, the risk of obesity will also increase in someone who is sleep deprived.

Recent research has found that someone who sleeps for 9-10 hours each night is 21 percent more likely to be obese within six years, compared to someone who sleeps 7-8 hours.

5. Heart Disease

The dangers of sleeping too long on this one have been proven by research involving nearly 72,000 female participants.

According to research, women who sleep 9-11 hours every night have a 38 percent risk of developing coronary heart disease. These percentage results came after researchers compared them with women who slept for 8 hours.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of oversleeping with heart disease is still not known with certainty. Therefore, other supporting research is still needed.

6. Strokes

The bad impact of sleeping too long on the cardiovascular system is no joke. Not only increases the risk of heart disease, reportedly oversleeping can also cause strokes.

According to research conducted in Australia in 2017, sleep duration—both less and more—has a significant impact on stroke.

7. Depression

Not only has an impact on physical health, the dangers of sleeping too long also have an impact on mental health, namely depression.

Depression is more often associated with insomnia. However, studies have found that about 15 percent of people suffering from depression have a habit of oversleeping.

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8. Early Death

Research has found that sleeping for nine hours or more can significantly increase the risk of early death.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two is not known with certainty. Strong suspicion, this is caused by depression and low socioeconomic status.

Now,, there are some dangers of sleeping too long that you should watch out for. In order not to experience the conditions mentioned above, improve the quality of your sleep by applying sleep hygiene.

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