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Don’t Be Too Late, Here Are 4 Ways to Detect Breast Cancer

Checking the condition of the breast early can help women prevent the spread of breast cancer. So, what’s an easy way to detect this condition? Check out the full discussion in the following review.

Don't Be Too Late, Here Are 4 Ways to Detect Breast Cancer

Steps to Detect Breast Cancer

Doing a breast self-examination (BSE) is the first step to detect breast cancer early while preventing the spread of breast cancer. This examination aims to identify whether or not there are physical changes in the breast.

Here are various steps to detect breast cancer that you can do, including:

1. Check in front of the mirror

First, you can stand in front of the mirror. Then pay attention to the shape of the breast. After that raise both arms and see if there is a change in shape.

Changes here include swelling, indentations, or changes in the nipples. If the condition of your left and right breasts is not symmetrical, you don’t need to worry because it’s normal.

2. Look for Signs of Breast Fluid

As with the first method, you can raise both arms to look for the same change. Then, look for signs of discharge that may be coming from one or both nipples by pinching both nipples.

Pay close attention to your nipples if there is fluid coming out of your nipples. This fluid can be a watery liquid such as milk, yellow, or blood.

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3. Feel the Lump When Lying Down

Check for lumps in the breast while lying down. Use your right hand to touch the left breast, then your right hand to touch the right breast.

Apply a subtle and firm touch using fingers that remain flat and together. After that, press down and do a circular or circular motion clockwise.

4. Do the Examination While Standing or Sitting

Apart from lying down, you can also check for lumps while sitting or standing. Many women say that the easiest way to feel their breasts is when the skin is wet and slippery. Therefore, you can also do this method when taking a shower.

As you do this, place your hands on your hips and lean your shoulders forward so that your breasts appear to hang down. After that, push both elbows forward. Then tighten your chest muscles.

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Tips for Doing Breast Self-Examination (BSE)

After knowing how to detect breast cancer, here are tips you need to know and do when doing breast self-examination (BSE):

  1. Do it carefully so that the inspection runs effectively.
  2. To perform the BSE technique, you should use the knuckles of the three middle fingers, not the fingertips.
  3. Do the movement or press on the breast slowly.
  4. For women who are menstruating, do the BSE technique on days 7 to 10
  5. Avoid consuming foods that contain too much sugar to avoid spikes in insulin levels that cause tumors
  6. Limit or avoid consuming alcoholic beverages because they can increase the risk of cancer
  7. Avoid or limit the consumption of processed foods such as sausages, bacon and ham because they can trigger cancer growth

Now, those are tips for those of you who want to do BSE technique. If during the examination you find a lump or change in your breast, you should not panic. Most women have some lump in the breast and the lump is not cancer.

Meanwhile, non-cancerous lumps can occur as a result normal hormonal changes or injury. In the end, uTo ensure lumps or changes that occur, you should immediately contact your doctor. This applies to changes that last more than one menstrual cycle.

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