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Diabetics Want to Eat Ice Cream, Is It OK?

Ice cream with a sweet and refreshing taste is certainly a shame for you to miss. It’s just that this one food is considered a taboo for diabetics. But actually, can diabetics eat ice cream? Check out the following explanation.

Diabetics Want to Eat Ice Cream, Is It OK?

Is Ice Cream Safe for Diabetics?

The taste of ice cream which tends to be sweet makes many people think that this food is high in sugar content. Actually, this assumption is not quite right.

Ice cream can indeed increase blood sugar levels in diabetics; This is because of the carbohydrate content in it. Carbohydrates that enter the body will be broken down into sugar.

However, the impact on increasing blood sugar is very small when consumed in moderation. Moreover, the ice cream that you consume contains sweeteners such as aspartame, mannitol, or sorbitol.

This type of artificial sweetener will not increase blood sugar levels significantly when compared to other sweeteners.

Not only that, the protein contained in ice cream can help the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream more slowly. As a result, its consumption will not increase blood sugar drastically.

In fact, consumption of ice cream for diabetics can bring its own benefits. These benefits are present thanks to the presence of probiotics, prebiotics, sinbiotics, and natural antioxidants in it.

According to a study, ice cream made by paying attention to the nutritional content in it is suitable for diabetics.

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Tips for Choosing Ice Cream for Diabetics

To keep ice cream consumption safe, be careful in choosing ice cream products to be consumed. Some tips that can be applied to choose healthy ice cream, including:

1. Choose Low Carbohydrates and Sugar

Always check the packaging label of the ice cream you are going to buy so you can find out how much carbohydrate and fat it contains.

In general, one serving of ice cream contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates or the equivalent of half a cup. Usually this amount is the limit of daily carbohydrate consumption.

However, carbohydrate limits can vary from person to person. You can consult a doctor or nutritionist about this.

2. Check the Fat and Protein Levels

Consumption of ice cream for diabetics is said to be safe if the selected product contains sufficient amounts of protein and fat.

Please note, both can help slow the absorption of carbohydrates so as to prevent blood sugar spikes.

3. Do not easily believe in packaging labels

It could be that the ice cream you are about to buy claims to be sugar-free. But in fact, these foods still contain natural sugar or lactose because they are made from milk.

However, the sugar content in it is not as much as ice cream in general. This is what can prevent a drastic increase in sugar.

Ice Cream Eating Rules for Diabetics

Not only paying attention to the type of ice cream consumed, diabetics should pay attention to tips on eating safe ice cream. Some of these tips include:

1. Do not consume too often

In order for consumption of ice cream for diabetics to remain safe, avoid consuming it too often. Method This can help maintain the balance of sugar levels in the blood.

Remember, even though it contains low sugar, it doesn’t mean you can eat it often.

2. Avoid Eating Ice Cream Too Fast

Eat ice cream slowly, without rushing. This is done in order to prevent a rapid increase in blood sugar.

You can use a small spoon or pause between each bite. Also, avoid consuming it while playing gadgets or watching television because it will make you eat too fast.

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3. Limit consumption

For people with diabetes, it is important to limit daily carbohydrate and sugar intake. Therefore, the consumption of ice cream should also be limited.

You can outsmart it by consuming ice cream in a small bowl. This method can prevent you from overeating so that blood sugar levels remain normal.

4. Add Food with Protein

In order to eat ice cream healthier, you can try adding toppings nuts into it. Not only does it add to the taste of ice cream, the addition of green beans can help increase the protein content of ice cream. Protein can help slow the absorption of sugar effectively.

Thus the explanation about whether or not ice cream is permissible for diabetics. To determine whether eating ice cream is safe for you, consult your doctor first.

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