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Corn Rice for Diabetics, Is it Safe?

Apart from consuming white rice, there are many sources of carbohydrates that can be an option for diabetics, one of which is corn rice. However, does eating corn rice not cause blood sugar levels to increase? Check out the explanation in this article.

Corn Rice for Diabetics, Is it Safe?

Corn Glycemic Index

A food is considered to have a moderate glycemic index (GI) if it has a score of 56-69. Meanwhile, foods with a low GI have a score of less than 55. Meanwhile, foods with a GI value of 70 or higher are included in foods with a high glycemic index.

Meanwhile, for corn, the glycemic index value is 52, which means that corn is included in foods with a low GI and is safe for consumption by diabetics. including when corn is processed into corn rice.

Foods with a low glycemic index tend to be releases blood glucose slowly so that blood sugar levels remain under control.

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Corn Rice and Its Effect on Blood Sugar

Corn is a food source that can be processed by boiling, baking, and cooking with other ingredients. In addition, corn can also be processed into corn rice.

Based on research, high consumption of flavonoids such as those found in corn can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases including diabetes. In addition, intake of starch in corn can also reduce glucose and insulin responses.

Not only that, corn also contains protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, making it take longer for corn to be digested in the body. Then, these three nutrients can also help slow the body’s speed in breaking down glucose when it is released into the bloodstream.

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Therefore, if you suffer from diabetes, you can still eat corn or corn rice. This one food also has a source of energy, minerals, vitamins, and fiber, and is low in fat and sodium so it is permissible and safe for consumption, including for diabetics.

Even so, you still need to limit the amount of consumption of corn rice and need to know the amount of carbohydrates that have been consumed that day.

So, even though corn rice has good benefits for diabetics, you still need to be careful when consuming it.

Excessive consumption can make blood sugar levels increase significantly. If you are unsure about the safe limits of consuming it, consulting a doctor is necessary.

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