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Cold Drinks for Iftar? Is it Healthy? | Good Doctor

Many Indonesian people end their fast with cold water. Freshness is the main reason for sipping cold drinks to break the fast. Even so, not a few also prefer warm drinks as a cancellation. Which is better, cold or warm drink?

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Cold drink for breaking fast

drinks for breaking the fast

Drinking cold drinks is indeed refreshing, but unfortunately it’s not very good for a body that hasn’t had any intake for 12 hours. There are many effects on the body from drinking cold water when breaking the fast, both long-term and one that can be felt right away.

One of the effects that can be felt immediately is the onset of headaches or dizziness. Why does this happen? Investigate a calibaration, the cold temperature of the water will give the opposite reaction when it enters the body which has a higher temperature during fasting.

Therefore, the nerves will send signals to the brain and stimulate it with a reaction in the form of pain in the head. The Ministry of Health has advised against consuming cold water for iftar.

Besides having the opposite temperature to the body, cold water can also cause contractions in the stomach. This is because the stomach is still empty. You can sip cold drinks after your stomach is full, okay?

How about a hot drink?

A number of health experts recommend avoiding cold water for breaking the fast, but instead sipping warm drinks. Warm drinks have a temperature that is almost the same as body temperature that is weak during fasting. This condition is the same as someone who has a fever or chills.

Another reason why warm drinks are great for breaking fasts is the way they work to adapt to the body’s condition. When the stomach is empty, the stomach will receive more warm fluids.

The benefits of drinking warm water when breaking the fast

The Directorate of Health Promotion and Community Empowerment at the Ministry of Health explained that breaking the fast with warm water has many benefits, including:

  • Avoid risks to the throat

As you can feel, when fasting, the throat will be dry for hours because it does not drain the liquid from the mouth. As a result, it is not uncommon for several effects such as coughing, flu, and hoarseness to occur. Drinking warm water can avoid the risk of sore throat.

Instead of sipping cold drinks, warm water can be used as a good habit for breaking the fast. Warm drinks can help the detoxification process or remove toxins from the body naturally. Also, make the body more relaxed and avoid stomach aches.

  • Improve blood circulation

When warm water works in the detoxification process, blood flow in the body will also get better. This is because harmful toxins or negative substances that inhibit and interfere with blood circulation have been reduced or even disappeared from the body.

  • Optimizing intestinal performance

Some people complain that it is difficult to have a bowel movement while fasting. This is caused by the body not getting enough fluids to push the waste out. As a result, not a few who experience constipation. Warm drinks can restore the performance of digestive organs, including the intestines.

How much water to drink?

One thing you need to know, 70% of the components in the human body are water. Therefore, it is very important to meet fluid needs after fasting for dozens of hours a day. The standard set by many experts is 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

When fasting, the body does not get fluids for hours, while daily activities must continue. The appearance of feeling weak in the middle of the day is not only caused by hunger, but also dehydration.

Drinking enough water at the time of breaking the fast until dawn is something that must be done, so that the body’s system can still work optimally.

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Drinks to avoid when breaking the fast

Even though it looks trivial, in fact not all drinks can be used to break the fast. Dr. Fung, author of the book The Complete Guide to Fasting, explained, water is the best liquid to break the fast.

As for drinks that should be avoided are drinks that have got chemical additives such as soda.

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