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Causes of Frequent Spitting During Fasting and How to Overcome Them | Good Doctor

Undergoing fasting during the month of Ramadan certainly must be done optimally. Apart from pursuing merit, this activity is also known to have many health benefits. But not infrequently some people are constrained by the emergence of the habit of spitting frequently during fasting while fasting. Even though it looks natural, this can also make you uncomfortable, you know.

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A glimpse of saliva

Saliva is a clear liquid made by several glands in the mouth area. It consists mostly of water which has several functions, among them:

  1. Keeps mouth moist and comfortable
  2. Helps the mouth to chew, taste and swallow
  3. Fight germs in the mouth and prevent bad breath
  4. Has proteins and minerals that protect the coating e-mail teeth, preventing tooth decay and gum disease

Why do you spit so often during fasting?

frequent spitting while fasting

Here are some things that can cause a person to spit frequently when fasting:

1. The salivary glands are not stimulated

Basically the body produces saliva when chewing. The harder and often you chew, the more saliva you produce.

When fasting, you do not do any activity in the mouth. This may prevent the saliva-producing glands from getting stimulated, which in turn causes saliva to collect and increase.

A study published on Research Gate mentioned that the main components of saliva are sodium, potassium, calcium, nitrite, and other proteins.

When the amount of these compounds continues to grow and accumulate, they will all cause you to spit more often than usual.

2. Environmental stimuli

Several factors that exist in the surrounding environment during the month of Ramadan can also trigger too much saliva production and cause salivating. For example, advertisements for food, drinks, and the like.

According to National Institute for Health and Care Excellencethis can be a problem for a person if there is too much saliva to control and he has difficulty swallowing it.

Problem in the end salivating The body will respond automatically by removing it through spitting.

3. Saliva production becomes excessive

In the medical world this is known as hypersalivation. This is a condition in which the body experiences an increase in saliva production in the mouth.

If extra saliva starts to build up, it may start to accidentally come out of the mouth. This can cause a number of problems, one of which is spitting up too much.

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Is this something to worry about?

If the urge to spit constantly occurs without any underlying medical condition, this is usually harmless and can stop on its own.

However, if the cause of your frequent spitting while fasting is hypersalivation, then this can be differentiated based on the severity.

If it is temporary, for example due to an infection, generally hypersalivation will stop after the disorder is successfully treated.

Meanwhile, if hypersalivation occurs continuously, this is often associated with an underlying condition that affects muscle control. It can affect the ability to swallow, so it is recommended that you see a doctor.

How to overcome the desire to spit while fasting

Here are some tips that you can try to control excessive spitting during fasting when fasting:

  1. Try sitting up straight after sahur or breaking the fast
  2. Keep your head up so that the saliva flows down the back of your throat on its own
  3. Avoid sweets, as they can encourage increased saliva production
  4. Avoid things that can trigger you salivating during fasting
  5. Clean your teeth and mouth regularly, especially after eating, to prevent infection caused by stale saliva

Those are some things you need to know about the habit of spitting which becomes more frequent when fasting. Hopefully useful, yes.

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