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Can Diabetics Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon is a type of fruit with an abundant water content. This means, this fruit can be an option to meet daily fluid needs. However, reportedly watermelon is not recommended for consumption by diabetics. Check out the following explanation.

Can Diabetics Eat Watermelon?

Is Watermelon Fruit Safe for Diabetes?

Basically, fruits can help diabetics to control blood sugar in the body. It’s just that, there are several types of fruit that contain large amounts of natural carbohydrates and sugar.

Knowing this, people with diabetes should limit more fruits that fall into that category. This is because foods high in sugar and carbohydrates have the risk of causing a spike in blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, another thing that must be considered by diabetics is the glycemic index (GI) level of fruit. In fact, GI plays an important role in increasing blood sugar in the body.

The glycemic index is an indicator to find out how fast or slow a food increases blood sugar, and only foods with carbohydrates have a GI value.

If the GI level of a food is high, the risk of rising blood sugar can increase. Therefore, this type of food needs to be limited in consumption.

A food is said to have a high glycemic index level if it has a value of 55 to more (0-100 scale).

Watermelon is a type of fruit that contains quite a lot of carbohydrates, which is 7.6 grams in 100 grams. Meanwhile, the sugar content is around 6.2 grams.

Not only that, the glycemic index value of watermelon is quite high, which is around 72. Knowing this fact, consumption of watermelon for diabetes should be kept in low portions.

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Watermelon Consumption Rules for Diabetics

Watermelon does have a high glycemic index value. However, that does not mean diabetics should avoid consumption.

This one fruit contains a number of important nutrients for the body, such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Please note, fiber can help diabetics control their disease so that the risk of diabetes complications can be prevented.

Now,if you want to consume watermelon for diabetes to stay safe, follow the following tips:

  • Consumption within reasonable limits to maintain the value of the glycemic index in foods that enter the small body.
  • Combine with foods that contain fat and protein. Both can help slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.
  • Consumption of fruit preferably in whole form. That is, you should avoid processing this fruit into other foods. However, you can add it to salads.
  • Avoid consuming watermelon together with other foods that have a high glycemic index value.
  • Choose a watermelon that is still fresh.
  • If you want to buy packaged watermelon, pay close attention to the packaging label. Avoid buying in syrup form.

That’s an explanation about the safety level of watermelon consumption for diabetics. In order to get the optimal benefits of watermelon without causing blood sugar spikes, you can pay attention to some of the tips above.

In addition, choose other types of fruit that are proven to be safe for diabetes as healthy snacks, such as apples, berries, pears, peaches and apricots.

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