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Can Diabetics Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks?

It is important for diabetics to avoid things that can worsen their condition, one of which is to avoid drinks that can increase blood sugar levels. So, can alcohol increase blood sugar? Check out the explanation below.

Can Diabetics Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks?

Diabetics Can Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks, Is It OK?

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels are the greatest risk that diabetics will experience if they consume alcohol.

The liver is responsible for helping to maintain the balance of blood sugar in the body. This organ will make, store, and release glucose. Not only that, the liver is also responsible for filtering poisons—such as alcohol and drugs—to be removed from the body.

Alcohol consumption can cause problems for people with diabetes, because the liver will prioritize filtering alcohol compared to balancing blood sugar.

When you drink alcohol, the liver breaks down the alcohol. During this process, a substance is formed that prevents the liver from forming glucose. This condition will cause hypoglycemia.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consume alcohol at all. You may still consume alcoholic beverages in moderation. Excessive drinking should be avoided as it can lead to hypoglycemia, high triglyceride counts and ketoacidosis (very high blood sugar).

Please note, the effects of alcohol consumption can vary for each person depending on their body condition. Therefore, you are advised to consult a doctor before consuming alcohol.

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In general, drinking alcohol in moderation is considered safe. However, keep in mind that you are advised to drink low-sugar alcohol and always pay attention to blood sugar levels.

It is important to know that consumption Alcohol and the drug metformin together can increase the risk of hypoglycemia and lactic acidosis, conditions in which lactic acid builds up in the body.

Too much lactic acid in the body can cause stomach pain, diarrhea and muscle cramps.

Some important things that must be considered if the sufferer diabetes wants to consume alcoholic beverages, including:

  • Mix it with water.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks mixed with sugar sweet wineor cordials.
  • Drink slowly.
  • Drink alcohol with food.
  • Limit consumption.

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Effects of Alcoholic Beverages on Diabetics

If you consume too many alcoholic beveragesalcohol, don’t forget to drink 500 ml of water before going to bed. This step can help the body to stay hydrated.

When you wake up, you It is recommended to have breakfast so that your blood sugar is maintained. If you feel tired, drink water. If your blood sugar is low, consume drinks that contain sugar.

Don’t forget to measure your blood sugar regularly; the day after consumption of alcoholic beverages. The symptoms of hypoglycemia are similar to those of hangovers. Therefore, you need to pay attention to blood sugar so you can treat hypoglycemia as soon as possible.

If you are currently taking medication or using insulin injections, you need to change the dose depending on your blood sugar and your doctor’s advice. The entry of alcohol into the sufferer’s body can interfere with diabetes management and your safety.

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