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Can Diabetes Be Cured? Here’s the Explanation

High glucose levels in the blood can cause you to get diabetes mellitus. This disease occurs due to the body’s inability to properly process glucose (sugar) into energy. However, can diabetes be cured? Check out the full explanation in this article.

Can Diabetes Be Cured?  Here's the Explanation

Diabetes Can Be Cured Totally?

If you are diagnosed by a doctor with diabetes mellitus, you may ask; whether diabetes can be cured or not. Unfortunately, this disease cannot be completely cured, but you can still manage it.

Diabetes itself has two types: type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is caused when the body cannot produce insulin. While type 2 diabetes can be caused when the body fails to use or produce insulin effectively.

You need to know, insulin itself is an important hormone that can help deliver glucose to body cells so they can produce energy.

When insulin production is insufficient or absent, glucose will build up in the blood. This excessive accumulation of glucose is known as diabetes.

Even though diabetes cannot be cured completely, you can control this disease by paying attention to the following things:

  • Take diabetes medication as needed and doctor’s advice
  • Be active or exercise regularly
  • Consumption of foods that can meet the needs of proper nutrition
  • Routine consultation with a doctor

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Various Ways to Control Blood Sugar Levels

Here are some ways you can do to control blood sugar levels, including:

1. Take diabetes medication as recommended

If your blood sugar level is high, your doctor will usually prescribe diabetes medication according to your condition. This diabetes drug can be useful so that the body is more sensitive to insulin.

2. Regulating Diet

In addition to avoiding sweet foods that can trigger blood sugar levels to increase, diabetic patients also need to adjust their diet or the portion of food consumed.

For example, eat small but frequent meals and avoid draft foods all-you-can-eat. In addition, pay attention to the ingredients contained in packaged foods, eat slowly, and pay attention to portions.

3. Exercise Routine

Moving actively can be useful in helping to increase insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients.

Not only that, regular exercise can also help you lose weight to avoid obesity while keeping your blood pressure stable. In the end, this condition can prevent complications that occur due to diabetes.

4. Routine Check Blood Sugar

Measuring glucose levels in the blood using a blood sugar meter can help control blood sugar effectively.

In addition, checking blood sugar is also useful to know the body’s reaction to the food consumed. That way, you can more easily adjust your medication consumption and meal plan.

5. Enough Sleep

Getting enough rest can help control blood sugar levels to remain normal. It’s best to get about 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Apart from helping control blood sugar levels, adequate rest can also help the body to get enough energy, prevent excess stress, and balance hormones in the body.

6. Manage Stress

Stress can trigger blood sugar levels to increase due to the release of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone). In addition to increasing blood sugar, stress can also be a trigger for diabetics to consume more high-sugar foods. So that this doesn’t happen, managing stress properly is very important.

To be able to control stress, you can do activities that can calm your mind, help improve your mood, and make your body more relaxed.

Now,, that’s some ways you can do to control blood sugar levels if diagnosed with diabetes. Even though this disease cannot be cured, by adopting a healthy lifestyle and doing the methods above, you can control your sugar levels so that they remain stable.

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